by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) – Truett-McConnell welcomed approximately 230 new students and families as they drove onto campus with packed cars and full trailers during freshman move-in day, Saturday, August 15.

A sometimes hectic and emotional day for students and parents, TMC faculty and staff members readied themselves to alleviate some stressors by offering a helping-hand throughout the day. At each residence hall, students were greeted by local church members who assisted with the moving-in process. Former alumni also returned to campus and welcomed the class of 2019 to their beloved campus.

“We are so grateful that we are located in a community that loves to serve,” said Admissions Representative Kim Gordon. “We had several familiar faces welcoming our new students and I know it truly helped the parents as they dropped their child off to begin a new journey in their lives.”

As students arrived and registered in the John L. and Sarah Nix Student Center, admissions counselors directed parents upstairs to write 3 letters to their son or daughter which will be given to them throughout their first year of college.

As somber music played, emotions flooded the room as many parents wiped tears from their eyes as they penned messages of love and encouragement to their now college freshman.

Shelly Spurgeon, an incoming freshman who is distantly related to one of TMC’s founders, George W.Truett, shared of her excitement for “the new adventure at TMC” as she received her student ID card.

While standing in line to register, Lindsey Horton echoed Spurgeon’s excitement about the year ahead: “[I’m] excited about meeting my roommate, meeting new friends and getting our dorm set up.”

After all the unpacking and registering was complete, students and families attended the President’s BBQ on the front lawn before saying good-bye to loved ones.

After goodbyes were said, the new freshmen participated in Thrive Orientation sessions which prepare students for life at TMC while acquainting them with campus and other residents through small groups, games, and campus wide activities.

“We pray that Truett-McConnell will provide a great foundation for students to become the fearless leaders of tomorrow,” said TMC Director of Admissions, Andrew Gailey.

Truett-McConnell College classes began August 19.


Jenny is the Content Manager for TMC.

Photo/Adam Roark/Design Manager for TMC.

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