Cleveland, GA (June 1, 2011) –Beginning fall 2011, TMC will be offering a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. Following faculty and trustee support, the Commission on Colleges approved the degree on May 11, 2011.

“The creation of the B.S. in Psychology comes at a pivotal time in the field of psychology.  While some schools feature the physiology of the science and others promote an integration of the soul with science, TMC will pioneer a degree that emphasizes the sufficiency of Scripture, the pre-eminence of Christ, and the importance of the spirit.  This science, like all sciences, must submit to the authority of Scripture,” said Dr. Emir Caner, TMC president.

Dr. Holly Haynes, assistant professor of behavioral sciences, will be the degree program coordinator. She hails from Harvard University where she earned a master’s and doctorate in psychology. Pioneering a unique course curriculum, Dr. Haynes and her colleagues plan to view the teachings of psychology through the lens of a Christian worldview on which Truett-McConnell is established.

The program will be offering the following courses as part of its curriculum: Introduction to Psychology; Human Growth and Development; Abnormal Psychology; Illness, Death, and Healing; Trauma across the Life Span; and Christianity and Psychology, a new and unique course. The students will take these classes in addition to a writing course in psychology and an internship during their capstone course.

In response to how the program plans to address current psychology theory with the truths of Scripture, Haynes explained:

“We’re going to build a foundation for students which will be based on a Biblical worldview so that they understand first what the Bible says about mankind, what the Bible teaches about the nature of man, and then we’ll incorporate psychological theory.”

Haynes continued:  “What we’re trying to do is build within the students a Biblical foundation first and then build the psychology as we’ve come to understand it next. We eventually and intentionally want to teach students to be able to understand first how to treat, deal, and relate to people in a manner that is grounded from that worldview.”

Truett-McConnell’s psychology program will be the first of its kind. Created to meet the needs of the institution as well as the mission of the school, the program plans to lay a strong foundation for students in terms of both academic and spiritual preparation.

With this degree, students will be prepared to either attend graduate school or enter into a variety of job fields. Psychology graduates will be equipped to pursue pastoral counseling, missions, non-profit work, social work, business, as well as divinity degrees.

Dr. Brad Reynolds, vice president of academic services, remarked the following about the program.

“Kudos to Dr. Holly Haynes for developing and coordinating what will be one of the premier psychology programs in the country.  Her academic pedigree coupled with her Biblical epistemology provided the perfect tools to create a program which shifts the paradigm in Christian Psychology; once again distinguishing TMC in Christian higher education.”

Dr. Haynes claims this program will not only equip students with a solid education but it will also prepare them to fulfill the Great Commission.

“I share a vision with this institution. This institution seeks to graduate students who further the Great Commission. Over time, the field of psychology has moved towards more of an evolutionary stand point, more of a science-driven field, and we really need Christians to stand up and say enough is enough. When we’re dealing with people, we can’t just deal with the science of their physical structure. We need to go beyond and understand spiritually, the root cause of issues. We have the ability to develop psychology students who are going to go out into the world and give people something more than just an explanation of their problems but a solution and a cure through Christ.”

Truett-McConnell College equips students to fulfill the Great Commission by fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically-centered liberal arts education.


 By Vicky Kaniaru

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