by Bailey Jarnagin

CLEVELAND, Ga (TMNews) – Truett-McConnell College students participated in and displayed an appreciation for the fine arts during the schools annual Arts Week where they participated in a variety of artistic events, like painting and photography, March 23-27.

“I knew that we had a lot of talent,” said Havilah Miller, TMC’s Student Development Activities Coordinator. “The point is facilitating an opportunity for people to share that.”

Visual arts submissions were displayed in Miller Hall for students, faculty, and staff to see and appreciate. The art not only provided a change of scenery for those walking from class to class, but also a sense of pride for the artist. “I spend a lot of time on work that I do,” said sophomore, Emily Drane. “It feels good to have it displayed anywhere other than my social media. I really enjoy seeing it in the hallway.”

In addition to the art being available to view, bids could be placed to purchase the drawings, paintings, and photography.

Throughout the week, students participated in a photo scavenger hunt. Picture entries that embodied the beauty of Truett-McConnell in the springtime could be uploaded to social media for a chance to win a prize.

The main event was an open microphone night at which students gathered to enjoy fellowship and free coffee. Several of those in attendance took the stage to perform songs or read poetry. “I was amazed to see how many singer and songwriters we had come up,” Miller said. “At least half the show was original music.”

TMC sophomore, Stephen Frantz, expressed his feelings on sharing his original piece: “It is one of the most nerve-wracking things about writing music,” Frantz said. “You are presenting your own piece, with your own voice, yet, at the same time, there’s no greater joy an artist can have than to have both his voice and his piece accepted.”

“Art is personal,” Miler acknowledges. “It’s also very subjective and that creates a lot of intimidation. I’m still looking for ways to overcome that and looking for more participation.”


Bailey is a junior English major and a freelance writer for TMC.

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