by Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMCNews) – After a prayer of thanksgiving by Dr. Holly Haynes, Associate Professor of Behavioral Sciences, the Truett-McConnell College faculty and staff recognized 122 students for their academic achievements in the annual Honors Awards Ceremony, April 30.

“Today is a day when we honor those of you who have worked hard to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind, ” Dr. Brad Reynolds, TMC Vice President for Academic Services said as he addressed the student body. “Your academic studies evidence your love of God with your mind…This day is actually set a side to honor all of you who have done your best to bring God glory in your studies.”

Dr. Emir Caner, President of Truett-McConnell College addressed the students in his welcome: “We are in the midst of what I hope to be a renaissance of Christian education right here in the mountains of North Georgia, not to mention what I pray would cross the nation. And it’s going to come from the diligent work of young men and women who put themselves to the diligent task of making sure that they have the best and most biblical education.

“So today we honor you,” Caner added. “We honor not only all of you, but specifically some of you.

Students earned their honors in three categories of academic accomplishment: president’s club, dean’s list, and a combination of both.

Students named for the President’s Club are required to maintain a 4.0 GPA for three consecutive semesters. Students honored on the list were:

Destiny Nicole Allen

Rebekah Faith Atkins

Alydia Joy Bechtel

Trista Rose Blankenship

Alexander Wade Bradley

Blake Kathryn Bramblett

Carrie Elizabeth Cann

Brittany Elizabeth Cates

Emilie Kay Cliett

Katelyn Olivia Coburn

Elizabeth Leighton Eldridge

Charity Dawn Estes

Katelyn Elizabeth Hammock

Kelcie Meghan Johnson

Natalie Denise Johnson

Rachel Silvia Johnson

Chris David Lee

Joshua Caleb Meeks

Audra Marie Minish

Courtney Brooke Patrick

Holly Brook Peppers

Cambree K Rose

Hailey Marie Rosser

Tesa M Scarborough

Brenton Alan Smith

Mackenzie Mae Stover

Meagan Denise Taylor

Paula Nicole Trimiar

Charissa Veal

Jordan Brittany Westbrook

Stevi LaRie Williams

Kathrine Elizabeth York

Students who have been named to the President’s Club and Dean’s List for three consecutive semesters were recognized to the President’s and Dean’s List. Those students include:

Kelsea Layne Batson

Ashley Nicole Blackburn

Ben Hoyt Bowen

VNetra L Brown

Zachary E Buchanan

Baylee W Caudell

Lauren Gail Chancey

Su-Jong Lisa Chang

Emily Coffey

Eric Bradley Combs

Joely Amy Danielle Cook

Joseph Quay Cook

Thomas Dudley Cook

Jennifer Nicole Daniels

Ruth Anne Dennis

Taylor Erin Dorsey

Jessica Taylor Epting

Levi Michael Fangmann

Sarah Ann Fitzsimons

Billy Caleb Hardy

Rebekah Elizabeth Harrington

Thomas Christopher Johnson

John Thomas Bethel Justus

Joshua Benjamin Kennedy

Ashley Nicole Kirkman

Alyssa Renae Lawson

Chelsea Lanier Mann

Courtney Brooke Mashburn

Jenna Darlene McMillian

Emilee Paige Merritt

Hannah Ruth Minks

Jesse Austin Mitchum

Melody Noel Mullen

Jessica Starr Parker

Jonathan David Peacock

Laura Rose Pickens

Hannah Catherine Purcell

Mallory Brooke Reynolds

Casslyn Marie Ritchie

Katelyn Marie Roop

Helen E Royal

Victoria E Schillinger

Laurren Elizabeth Earnest Segraves

Abbey Nicole Sellers

James Wesley Serpas

Amanda Rose Smith

Jodi Lynne Stephens

Sara Joann Stites

Rebecca Sue Taylor

Andrea Grace Towns

Kristina R Tull

Jordan Elizabeth West

Courtney Michelle Wiley

Amanda Violet Woods


Earning a spot on the Dean’s List requires students to maintain a 3.5 GPA for three consecutive semesters. Those students include:

Devin E Adams

Michael Nathan Antoniewicz

Lindsey Hyatt Beach

Alicia Lauren Bechtel

Bethany Kailyn Butts

Brittany Michelle Gee

Jennifer Claire Gossett

Parker Brian Green

Joshua Aaron Hall

Monica Nicole Hammond

Taryn Elisabeth Higgins

Kaitlyn Garrison Horsley

Joseph Marcus Hulen

Vanessa Hurtado

Jessica Nicole James

Kristen Rebekah Loy

William Maxwell Nash

Cristen Elizabeth Newton

Benjamin Jared Oliver

Katherine Price

Rachael Brooke Reed

Hannah Marie Sanders

Joshua David Shelton

Margaret Boone Singletary

Zachariah William Smith

Thomas Phillip Spivey

Craig Eucario Stephenson

Katelyn Rose Turner

Students also garnered recognition in each of the Truett-McConnell College Academic Divisions. The recipient and academic divisions are listed below:


Outstanding Business Student of the Year – Zachariah Smith
Outstanding Business Online Student of the Year – Ruth Anne Dennis


Outstanding Achievement in Education – Kelcie Meghan Johnson
Outstanding Achievement in Psychology – Mallory Brooke Reynolds


Bachelor of Arts in English – Charissa Veal
Bachelor of Arts in History – Bethany Joan Hammack


Freshman Award in Biology – Melody Noel Mullen
Outstanding Graduating Student in Biology -Jessica Taylor Epting


Bachelor of Arts in Music– Kelsea Batson
Bachelor of Science Music Education- Catherine Warren


BA in Christian Studies- Rachel Silvia Johnson
BA in World Missions- Meagan Denise Taylor


Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Charity Estes

Meagan Denise Taylor, a senior soccer player and World Missions major, and Joseph Marcus Hulen, a junior wrestler and a Middle Grades Education major, were both recognized for Academic Excellence garnered by a student athlete. These students must participate in campus life activities as well as significant contribution to team unity and success while also maintaining a 3.3 GPA, with a minimum of 40 semester hours.

Each year, Truett-McConnell seniors who carry a cumulative 3.3 GPA or higher and maintain exceptional character and participation in extracurricular activities and community service, are awarded the Who’s Who Award. This year’s recipients were: Horace Eddie Bradley III, Charity Dawn Estes, Rachel Silvia Johnson, Kristen Rebekah Loy, Hannah Ruth Minks, Jonathan David Peacock, Daniel Lester Rice, Zachariah William Smith, and Meagan Denise Taylor

For the first year, Truett-McConnell students were invited in the membership of the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society, which is for students in Business, Management and Administration. TMC was proud to induct nine students into the society who had a 3.5 or higher GPA and were in the top 20 percent of their graduating class. These inductees are: Alicia Lauren Bechtel, Jacob Evans Brooks, Levi Michael Fangmann, Katelyn Elizabeth Hammock, Laura Rose Pickens, Hannah Marie Sanders, Laurren Elizabeth Earnest Segraves, Zachariah William Smith, and Craig Eucario Stephenson

A number of faculty and staff were also recognized for their outstanding performance, dedication and service to Truett-McConnell College and its students throughout the year. Rachael Meggitt, Truett-McConnell’s Human Resource Manager, received the Presidential Achievement Award which is presented to a person or persons who exhibit unusual contributions to the life of Truett-McConnell College by going beyond what is expected of an employee and exemplifying a servants heart to fit into the model of Philippians 2:3.

Lisa LaPree, Assistant Professor of Nursing, was awarded the Vulcans Material Award which is funded by the Vulcans Material Company in the Georgia Independent College Association. It is given to a faculty member who is recognized by the administration as an outstanding contributor to undergraduate education, student learning, and campus life.

The Truett-McConnell College Faculty Excellence Award is an award given to a faculty member that demonstrates excellence in the classroom, actively pursues scholarly activities, contributes to campus and community life by performing service above and beyond the call of duty, and exhibits a Christian Worldview through his or her lifestyle. This year’s award was given to Dr. Jason Graffagnino, division chair and Assistant Professor of History and Christian Studies.

Student Services also honored two students for their accomplishments throughout the year. The Second Mile Service Award is given to the student or students who exemplify what it means to be a behind the scenes servant. These students also show an outstanding love for the Lord and all those at TMC. This year’s recipients were: Jacob Marshall Dailey and Josie Shay Harkins.

The Student Leadership Award was awarded to the student or students who exemplify Christ-like leadership in every aspect of what they do at Truett-McConnell College. This year’s Student Leadership Award went to Meagan Denise Taylor.

In closing, Dr. David Armstrong, the school’s Vice President for Finance and Operations, lead everyone in prayer as he recognized the hard work and sacrifices which each student has made throughout the year. He also prayed a blessing over each student, faculty and staff member that the Lord would do a mighty work in each of their lives.



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