Dr. Michael Okwakol, Dr. Larry & Tina McDonald,Mrs. Anna 

Obua, and Pastor Nelson Ogwal, the director.  

Cleveland, GA (March 01, 2011) – New Hope Christian Academy, located just outside Apac, Uganda, thanks Truett- McConnell College students who donated money toward its building project.

The money that TMC students contributed is now being used to improve the existing buildings and to build a latrine. As soon as the school finishes construction, it will be able to apply for accreditation.

True Love Baptist Church began building New Hope Christian Academy in January 2010. The church’s goal is to academically and spiritually impact the countless Ugandan orphans and children living in poverty. In November of 2009, the school purchased 5,000 square meters of land (1.24 acres) and by December of 2010, the school already had forty-six students ranging from nursery age to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.

Many thanks go to Dr. Larry & Tina McDonald, who are working with the academy. In addition, Dr. Michael Okwakol, Pastor Nelson Ogwal, the director, and Mrs. Anna Obua, a woman who serves and makes the children’s uniforms in her seamstress shop.

Uganda has over 2.5 million orphans and numerous families living below the poverty line of less than $1.25 per day.  Although we can not do everything, we can always do something to help. Thank you TMC students for helping others in need.

The mission of Truett-McConnell College, a Georgia Baptist College, is to equip students to make a positive impact for Christ through disciplined scholarship and Christian discipleship. For more information about Truett-McConnell College visit us online at www.truett.edu


By Vicky Kaniaru


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