by Jordan West

CLEVELAND, Ga.,( TMNews) – Margaret “Meg” Singletary is a senior psychology major from Thomasville, Ga. Meg shares about her time at TMC, including what led her to the school, some of her favorite experiences in the past four years, and how she’s changed in her time at Truett-McConnell College.

Meg and TMC

During high school, Singletary knew she was interested in attending a Christian college. She researched several Baptist institutions close to home, but when she arrived on Truett – McConnell’s campus, she knew it was the right place. Not only did TMC share in her beliefs, but the welcoming atmosphere felt like home. When looking back on her decision, Singletary said “It was the perfect fit.”

The decision to attend Truett-McConnell was a huge one, because living six hours from home is a long drive for a weekend visit, Singletary shared. Battling homesickness her freshman year, the transition was difficult; but getting involved on campus and forming friendships made her experience much easier. “There are still times I wish I could hop into the car and go have dinner with my family on a week day, but having a family and friends here definitely helps,” she said.

Forming lasting friendships can impact a college experience, and Singletary is confident in the value of friendships, especially the ones she’s made during her time at TMC. In fact, this is what she will miss the most about Truett-McConnell. When she looks at how her life has changed in the past four years, it’s evident God gave her relationships she will treasure for a lifetime.

“The Lord has brought some of the most wonderful people into my life here,” Singletary said. “They have challenged me and helped me walk closer to God. I cannot imagine living in a place where I can’t just go upstairs and hangout with my best friends or where we cannot all just pile into a car and have an adventure.”

Adventures are one of Singletary’s favorite ways to spend her free time at Truett-McConnell, and for anyone looking to have fun in Cleveland, there are a few activities she considers “must-do” experiences: “Baby Land General is a must, but you have to be prepared for the weirdness,” she said. “I think everyone should hike Mt. Yonah at least once, even if hiking isn’t your thing. My favorite thing to do is go thrifting to see what I can find!”

A special community

Singletary is very involved in TMC’s student development and serves as a Christian Life Coordinator in the New Dorm. She spent her first two years living in Merritt Hall, and she thinks the community built from living in a dorm is a priceless experience. “I love the community that comes with dorm life,” she said. “I will always cheer for Merritt over Otwell, just because of the community I built in Merritt my first two years. I love the traditions in the dorms and getting to be a part of those.”

Continuing on, Singletary shared how she’s grown academically and spiritually during her time at Truett-McConnell. She shared how she’s learned to always put others first and said this truth was exemplified to her through Mr. Chris Eppling, TMC’s Vice President for Student Services and Athletics. “My sophomore year was difficult,” she said. “When I was going through a lot, he made time to talk to me about it and give me good, Godly advice. Since then, he has made sure that I know his door is always open. I really appreciated that one of the school’s vice presidents made himself so available to students. It reminds me to be that way myself and always make sure I am not too busy for people who need me.”

A mission minded campus

Truett-McConnell places an emphasis on foreign missions, which is something close to Singletary’s heart. “I went to Ethiopia and Amsterdam with TMC the summer after my freshmen year,” she said. “It was an awesome experience. I had always wanted to go to Africa and I was so grateful for the opportunity. We got to serve orphans and teach them how to read English. We also got to go into people’s homes and share the love of Christ. In Amsterdam we got to witness to people on the streets. That was challenging for sure, but it really stretched me. It was an opportunity I would not have had apart from Truett.”

Her trip, among others she’s taken, gave her a desire to serve God’s people on the foreign and local mission field. Though she is not entirely sure what her next phase of life looks like, Singletary is confident she wants to use her psychology degree to serve Christ. “The plan is to get involved in some sort of social work, whether that is here in America or overseas. I have to get my Master’s degree first, but social work is what I really feel called to do.”

Singletary’s desire is to keep Christ at the center of each decision she makes. She recognizes the importance of this for her current phase of life, and for others who are considering attending Truett-McConnell. Her advice is this: “Pray, pray, pray. Truett is a fantastic school, but you can only know if it is the place for you if it is where the Lord is leading you. Seek the Lord and let him guide you. If that leads you to Truett, then know you have a great four years ahead of you. You will grow more that you ever could have imagined here.”

Singletary is looking forward to graduating in May of 2015 with a degree in psychology. In the next few years, she hopes to obtain her Master’s degree and begin doing social work as she follows wherever the Lord calls her to serve.

Jordan is junior English major and a student writer for the college.

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