TMC to purchase medical simulation manikin
by Vicky Kaniaru
CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews)–In preparation for its proposed nursing program, Truett-McConnell College personnel met June 11 to view the SimMan 3G manikin, a product of Laerdal Medical Corporation (LMC).
Equipped with optional, computer-based remote control, the manikin will receive from nursing instructors specific medical parameters that mimic certain maladies, and students will apply what they’ve learned by providing diagnoses and implementing protocols.
LMC representative Joseph Huse demonstrated the SimMan, which combines physiological models, pre-programmed patient cases, and innovative methods for managing model-based simulation. Instructors can take advantage of preprogrammed pharmacological responses for more than 108 drugs, but without the complexity that often comes with physiological, model-based simulations.
“Having a simulation manikin such as this provides our school with the ability to not only train and teach our students, but it enables them to apply what they have learned before going into the actual hospital environment where they do the same thing with a patient,” said Anne Fortenberry, professor, and chair of the division of nursing.
“Our nursing division at Truett-McConnell College is deeply pleased to have the manikin as part of our proposed multifunctional Nursing Learning Resource Center with a state of the art teaching and learning laboratory,” said Fortenberry — a former career missionary who ministered internationally, utilizing her medical training and expertise as a means to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
“The laboratory will have a functional mock hospital/clinical setting equipped with the high fidelity simulation manikin,” Fortenberry said. “Nursing students will benefit from this dynamic environment that provides an excellent opportunity for independent learning with simulation experiences and testing.”
The SimMan 3G cost is $125,000. Fortenberry said the proposed nursing program requires the SimMan 3G simulation and three other less advanced manikins: a child, an infant, and another adult.
Pending final approval of accrediting agencies, Truett-McConnell plans to launch its proposed nursing program for the fall semester, 2013.
Vicky Kaniaru is senior staff writer at Truett-McConnell College.

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