by Vicky Kaniaru

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews)—As thousands of high school athletes committed to their college of choice on the Fellowship of Christian Athletes National Signing Day, Feb.1, seven new athletes penned their Letters of Intent for Truett-McConnell College at an event hosted in Gainesville, Ga.

Among the athletes was Levi Fangmann, son of Truett-McConnell professor Gary Fangmann. Levi signed with TMC’s cross-country team, saying he wanted to attend a Baptist school.

“I think going to a college with Christian values is a great springboard into ministry,” Fangmann said. “I also like that it is close to home and it is not a big college.”

The White County High School senior plans to major in business and later attend seminary to pursue full-time ministry. As for TMC cross country, Levi added that he has enjoyed the team’s recent success.

“They are consistently competing for the top stop in meet, and I want to be a part of that,” Levi said. “I am also looking forward to running with the great recruiting class that TMC has received.”

The recruiting class includes Jimmy Gault, a West Hall High School senior who plans to attend Truett-McConnell this fall.

“I love the small Christian campus atmosphere,” said Gault, who added that although he received offers from other schools, Truett-McConnell felt like home.

Joining the two runners are three East Hall High School softball recruits: Harlee Grogan, Holly Strickland, and Brittany Gee. Gee and Grogan decided to attend Truett-McConnell because of the atmosphere and their hope to grow spiritually as students and athletes.

“I want to grow in my faith by being around people who are Christians,” added Strickland, who said that she wants “to become a great student so I can be a great teacher. I also want to become a better softball player so I can use that in the future—maybe become a coach.”

Truett-McConnell soccer fans will see West Hall High school seniors Brooke Reed and Tania Perez joining the Bears this season.

“I decided to attend Truett-McConnell because it is a beautiful place, where I believe God has led me to strengthen my faith and learn what I need to know for my future,” said Reed, who added that she’s looking forward to attending a college that is Christ-centered. As a student athlete at Truett-McConnell, Reed wants to improve her leadership skills and be equipped in her decided major, physical therapy.

All athletes are optimistic about future academic and athletic endeavors as Truett-McConnell anticipates seeing what each athlete will bring to his or her respective fields.


Vicky Kaniaru is senior staff writer at Truett-McConnell College.

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