Cleveland, Georgia (May 16, 2011)The Spiritual Condition of Infants, a new book by TMC Christian Studies professor, Dr. Adam Harwood, addresses the important question of where infants go when they die.  Dr. Harwood tackles this question first from Scripture and then from Church History to arrive at a conclusion which is both orthodox and scholarly.

TMC president, Dr. Emir Caner, states, “Dr. Adam Harwood’s book, The Spiritual Condition of Infants, exhibits the scholarship and Biblical authority of the faculty at TMC.  We are honored he is here.  Dr. Harwood is to be commended for accurately presenting the Biblical view of God’s justice and grace in relation to these little ones.  This book will give comfort to those who have lost children in the womb and correct the errant view of many Reformed ministers who have allowed their presuppositions to guide their interpretation of Scripture.”

Harwood’s book will be featured in the Southern Baptist Texan and is one of two works recommended in Gary Ledbetter’s editorial.

Ledbetter, editor of the Southern Baptist Texan, hails it as a book that “will give your mind a workout as you test or work out for the first time your own Biblically based convictions regarding this common question.”

The article is posted online and can be accessed through the link below. The article is planned to appear in the May 16th issue of the Southern Baptist Texan. 

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