Cleveland, GA (March 23, 2011) – Truett-McConnell College trustees voted to initiate the Great Commission Minor during their campus meeting last week. Starting fall of 2011, incoming students will be required to take the classes outlined in the 16-hour minor while present students will have the option of taking the classes.

Rev. Mike Dorough, chairman of Trustees, declared that this minor is a first in Southern Baptist education.

“It was with great enthusiasm and expectation that our trustees approved the required minor for all TMC students, regardless of major field of study, in Great Commission studies. Every TMC graduate will be thoroughly equipped to fulfill the Great Commission in whatever career field God leads them to pursue,” he said. “We also adopted a mission statement stating this purpose: “Truett-McConnell College equips students to fulfill the Great Commission by fostering a Christian worldview through a Biblically-centered liberal arts education.”

The Great Commission minor will include the following courses: Theology I, Theology II, Bible Survey, Baptist History, and Evangelism and Missions or Missions Practicum, and a one hour Foundations course. The minor is designed to provide students with not only a sound education but prepare them in every aspect of ministry. School officials look forward to this new addition to the curriculum as it prepares students to live out their faith.

“Students can go to many schools and receive a strong liberal arts education.  Students can also go to many schools and receive a strong biblical education.  At TMC, we are grateful to announce the best of both worlds, the broadest of education,” stated TMC president, Dr. Emir Caner.

Caner continued, “Truett-McConnell will equip students with the highest caliber education available in their field—whether that is business, science, education, music, Christian studies, or humanities—while also equipping students to love the Lord, love his Word, love the local church, and love the lost. Graduates will be well trained in their field and passionate about their faith.”

Academic Services Committee Chairman, Rev. Ken Hall, was excited since it was the committee that recommended that a minor be established for all TMC students in Great Commission studies: “This will now mean that every student who studies at Truett McConnell College will be trained and equipped in the areas of theology, Baptist history, and missions/evangelism.”


 Dr. Brad Reynolds, Vice-President for Academic Services added: “The hard work of Dr. Michael Justus, Mrs. Melissa Fortner, Mrs. Vicki Steele and the entire core committee will be realized by the upcoming generation of students.  This Great Commission minor is a first in higher-education and continues to distinguish TMC as a leader in Biblically-centered liberal arts education.”

As Dr. Michael Justus affirmed, the “implementation of our new Great Commissions Studies minor is a major step in fulfilling God’s purpose for Truett-McConnell.”  The Lord Jesus Christ instructed his followers to go and fulfill the great commission and with this minor, TMC students will be prepared for just that. If parents and pastors wish for their students to receive an education that is biblically centered, distinctively Baptist, and also equips students to preach the Gospel to the world, they should consider Truett-McConnell College.

Truett-McConnell College equips students to fulfill the Great Commission by fostering a Christian Worldview through a Biblically-centered liberal arts education. For more information about Truett-McConnell College visit us online at


 By Vicky Kaniaru




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