By: TM Staff

CLEVELAND, GA (TMNews) – “I am very excited that we have finally signed the official documents for the Lease/Purchase agreement” stated, Marc Turner, Senior Pastor of the Cleveland Worship Center.  “I realize that it has taken many days and hours to come up with an agreement that would work for both ministries, but now that we are here, I could not be happier.” The Cleveland Worship Center is located at 529 E. Kytle St. Cleveland, Ga., just north of the Truett-McConnell campus.

The intent for Truett-McConnell (TM) to purchase the Cleveland Worship Center (CWC) was originally announced June 22, 2015, with the final details allowing the transfer of ownership finally completed with the Lease/Purchase agreement signing on April 1, 2016.

Dr. Emir Caner, President of Truett-McConnell College stated, “Here at Truett McConnell we are blessed to be in a city and county filled with fellow believers who love the Lord and join together for the sake of furthering the Gospel. The Cleveland Worship Center is a prime example of this partnership and friendship. As the college is outgrowing our facilities, they, too, are seeing the church expand beyond their present capacity. As Truett-McConnell needed to expand our space for education, the church needed to move to larger facilities.”

This partnership between the CWC and TM has great benefits for both parties. The CWC will begin to build on their new location at 453 Helen Highway in Cleveland, Ga. while allowing TM to move their Education Division to the CWC location on Kytle St. and doubling the space allocated for the Nursing Division on campus.

Caner continued, “Now we have the best of both worlds. With the purchase of the church, Truett can continue to expand and provide the space needed for our students. At the same time, the church can expand and see more people be saved and disciple. It is quite amazing to see God work in such prefect timing.  We are truly blessed.”

Turner concluded, “This agreement is nothing short of a ‘God thing.’ We are so blessed to partner with TM today and for years to come as we reach our community, nation, and world with the message of Christ.”


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