By Jordan West

CLEVELAND, Ga (TMNews) – On April 28, 2016, TM students, faculty, staff, and visitors gathered to celebrate the achievements of excelling members of the college.

Dr. Emir Caner, President, began, “This is a very special chapel, because it is the last chapel for Truett-McConnell College as we transition into Truett McConnell University.”

Dr. Brad Reynolds, Vice President of Academic Services shared welcoming remarks, “Today we honor those of you who have worked hard, have loved the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.”

He added, “Often times that last word is forgotten, our mind. Your academic studies can reflect your love for God. This day is set aside to honor all of you who have done your best to bring God glory through your studies.”

This Honor’s Chapel marked a particularly important day for the college, and Caner said, “On the 23 of July 1946, we were chartered. The dream was to build a Christian college in the mountains of North Georgia for two reasons.”

He added, “The first reason was to send out ministers of the Gospel that would preach His word faithfully and consistently until He returns. Secondly, to raise up a generation of followers who are sold out to Him, and will walk with Him all the days of their lives regardless of their profession, career, or major.”

Caner remarked, “A college that was once, for 60 years of its existence, a 2-year college with Associate degrees, was a hope and a dream that they had. Now here, exactly 70 years after our charter, a different day has dawned. Not a different vision, but an expansion of its charter: to honor Christ, to love His church, to love His Word, and to love the lost. For God now for 70 years has honored His place, where His people have called out His name.”

Awards received are as followed:

President’s Club –

Students whose academic load is not less than 12 semester hours of courses counting toward graduation and who achieve a semester grade-point average of 4.0 are named to the President’s Club.

**Destiny Nicole Allen, Alexander Wade BradleyBlake Kathryn Bramblett, Brittany Elizabeth Cates, Emilie Kay Cliett, Katelyn Elizabeth Hammock, Rachel Silvia Johnson, Chris David Lee, MacKenzie Mae Mitchum, Holly Brook Peppers, Hailey Marie Rosser, Jordan Brittany Westbrook, Stevi LaRie Williams

Combination of President’s Club and Dean’s List –

Students whose academic load is not less than 12 semester hours of courses counting toward graduation and who have been named to either the President’s Club or the Dean’s List for five consecutive semesters receive this recognition.

**Ashley Nicole Blackburn, Ben Hoyt Bowen, Zachary E Buchanan, Emily Coffey, Joely Amy Danielle Cook, Joseph Quay Cook, Thomas Dudley Cook, Jennifer Nicole Daniels, Ruth Anne Dennis, Elizabeth Leighton Eldridge, Parker Brian Green, Monica Nicole Hammond, Billy Caleb Hardy, Taryn Elisabeth Higgins, Joseph Marcus Hulen, John Thomas Bethel Justus, Joshua Benjamin Kennedy, Emilee Paige Merritt, Audra Marie Minish, Jesse Austin Mitchum, William Maxwell Nash, Jessica Starr Parker, Casslyn Marie Ritchie, Sarah Ann Robles, Katelyn, Marie Roop, Helen E Royal, Victoria E Schillinger, James Wesley Serpas, Amanda, Rose Smith, Cristen Elizabeth Spivey, Thomas Philip Spivey, Rebecca, Sue Taylor, Andrea Grace Towns, Kristina R Tull, Jordan Elizabeth West, Courtney Michelle Wiley

Dean’s List –

Students whose academic load is not less than 12 semester hours of courses counting toward graduation and who achieve a semester grade-point average of 3.5 are named to the Dean’s List. Students recognized on Honors Day for this award have been on the Dean’s List for five consecutive semesters.

**Michael Nathan Antoniewicz, Jennifer Claire Gossett, Rachael Brooke Reed

Academic Excellence by Student Athletes – 

**Sara Stites and Caleb Hardy

Outstanding Academic Achievement –


Outstanding Student of the Year in Business – Katelyn Elizabeth Hammock


Outstanding Achievement in Education – Jordan Brittany Westbrook

Outstanding Achievement in Psychology – Blake Kathryn Bramblett


Bachelor of Arts in English –Rebekah Faith Atkins

Bachelor of Arts in History – John Thomas Bethel Justus


Freshman Award in Biology – Olivia Ruth Darley

Outstanding Chemistry Minor – Brittany Elizabeth Cates

Outstanding Graduating Student in Biology – Brittany Elizabeth Cates


Bachelor of Arts in Music– Phillip Arthur Simmons

Bachelor of Science Music Education- Suzanna Claire Collier


BA in Christian Studies- Audra Marie Minish

BA in World Missions- Jesse Austin Mitchum

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies- Blake Kathryn Bramblett


Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Jordan Michelle Malaier


Second Mile Service Award – Rachael Brooke Reed

Second Mile Service Award – Lauren Marie Goforth

Student Leadership Award – Blake Kathryn Bramblett


Jordan is a senior English major and is an intern for the Communications Department.

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