Posted July 10–

Truett McConnell College students have arrived to Thailand, and Team Pruitt and Team Sanders have combined with a new group, led by TMC’s President Caner. All have hit the ground running toward evangelism.

Monday students went to a monk chat where they can learn more about Buddhism and what the monks believe. While listening to the monks share their beliefs, doors are wide open for the students and faculty to share the gospel and their personal testimonies. There are many seeking monks, and the students look forward to spending time with these new friends in hopes that their eyes will be open to God’s saving grace.

While in Thailand, the students have the opportunity to evangelize and serve at a Thai orphanage. The orphanage has about 115 children from the ages of 2-25. Truett students and faculty held a VBS for the older children and told the story of the birth of Jesus using a skit. The children and students enjoyed playing games together and spending time talking. But what seems to have been the biggest impact today at the orphanage was when everyone was in a room sitting on the floor together, and singing praises to God in each their own language. Each student was encouraged in a different way from tonight’s worship time.

Lauren Brown: “It was encouraging to be able to worship God freely and not have to worry if someone may overhear what we are singing or have to talk in code so no one knows what we are particularly doing. Some of the students have been gone for almost five weeks now, and we have not been able to just have open worship like tonight. It was very encouraging to be among other believers.”

Jessica Epting: “To see the children sitting there, and to think that most of them do not have a father, and to be reminded that God said he would be the father to the fatherless — it is a reality that he truly is our father, and for them that is such a close truth.”

Ashlyn Williams: “I am reminded that I was once an orphan, and God sent his only son to die on the cross for me so that I could be adopted as a daughter of the King. Tonight’s worship was also a reminder to me of what heaven will be one day: singing praises unto the Lord in our native tongue. How glorious that day will be when every tribe from every nation will come together and sing praises to our King. He is mighty to be worshipped.” by Ashlyn Williams

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