by Katie Louise Leach

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) — While performance major Caleb Ferguson has experienced multiple changes in his own life plan, his experiences have taught him how to continuously look for the Lord’s will in His life; and, most importantly, how to follow it.

Dealing with change

Born in Dacula, Ga., Ferguson was no stranger to church. “I grew up in a family where my dad was a Pastor,” explained Ferguson. During his childhood, he moved from his birthplace to the small town of Hartwell, Ga.

“During that time, I got really angry,” Ferguson shared. “I didn’t know how to deal with leaving Dacula.”

Over time, things became easier. “As I got older and moved up into the youth group at our church, I started to have friends and began to like it more…but at home, I still had my problems with anger,” admitted Ferguson.

Changed by Christ

Ferguson began to grow closer to his older brother, Alex. Their frequent “life-talks” truly helped Ferguson, and the issue of his salvation was often mentioned.

“God would come up, and [Alex would ask] why I wasn’t a Christian yet. I couldn’t really give him an answer.”

One night, while they were talking, his brother posed the question once more. “And I don’t know how to explain it—there was just this different feeling in the room,” he recounted.

As Ferguson let his silence answer for him, he stated that he began playing games with God.

“Which sounds horrible,” he admitted. “But it’s what I did.”

Asking God for a sign, he prayed that his brother would make a certain movement or sound, if God truly “wanted me to become a Christian”.

To Ferguson’s amazement, his brother acted out exactly what he’d prayed. “I was like okay, Lord. This is you,” he laughed. “You got my attention.”

That night, as his brother led him in prayer, he surrendered his life to Christ.

“I was thirteen years old and it changed my life completely. All that anger I’d had over the years…God just turned it into a love for people,” he continued. “That was probably the biggest thing for me when I became a Christian, just seeing that change in my life.”

Life at Truett-McConnell

After completing high school, Ferguson knew it was time to begin his journey at Truett-McConnell. “I’m like the fourth child in my family to come to Truett,” he explained. “I kind of knew about how it was here and that it was a good transition for homeschoolers.”

Like many students from Truett-McConnell, Ferguson stated that the faculty was one of the best aspects of the school. “Going from homeschooling (where I could ask my mom anything) and coming to college, I was thinking…I couldn’t just sit down and ask questions, or the teacher wouldn’t work with me.”

However, Ferguson found that wasn’t the case. “I know multiple teachers that I can just tell them what I’m struggling in,” he reported. “They’ll talk to me about anything I need help with, really.”

Choosing a major that centered around music was exactly what Ferguson had in mind. “During that time I was also leading worship, and I kind of felt like that might be where the Lord was calling me to.”

Called to Music

Ferguson’s future plans include going on to get a Master’s degree, which he attributes to the encouragement and teachings of the music faculty at Truett-McConnell. “They made learning and performing music fun and easy, which is what has pushed me to become a musician.”

His interest in performing and opera singing continue to grow as he seeks out the doors God will open for him.

“What I really feel like what God wants me to do—my end of the road, what I want to do when I grow up type thing—is teach vocals,” he explained.

In the end, the moments he’s shared with his TMC family have made an incredible impact. “The biggest take away I have from studying music is just the memories,” shared Ferguson. “Studying with other music majors here, the hard work, late nights, laughing, and sleep deprivation. I will take those memories with me for the rest of my life.”


Katie Louise Leach is a freshman World Missions major and freelance writer for TMC.

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