by Katie Louise Leach

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMNews) —Most nights, college students are found hanging out with friends, studying for big exams or making late night snack runs, but at Truett-McConnell, participating in small group Bible studies should be added to that list.

While statistics show a majority of college students abandon the church, Truett-McConnell students take Paul’s warning of neglecting to meet with one another to heart as as 11 different small group bible studies array the campus on a weekly basis.

With discussions led by Christian Life Coordinators (CLCs) and Residential Assistants (RAs), a variety of studies on different topics are found weekly for co-ed, women’s and men’s groups.

“I love getting to dig into God’s word with my sisters in Christ weekly. It is such a sweet time of learning, growing, and fellowship,” shared junior RA, Destiny Allen who leads the Song of Solomon study each week.

Students don’t have to go far to get connected with one of the groups as they’re found in each dorm, the President’s home, or in one of the campus buildings or classrooms.

Kayla Rivers, a sophomore and RA, co-leads a group with Micaela Turner in Otwell, one of the female dorms. In addition to discussing the book of Romans and talking about forgiveness, the group makes it a priority to pray for one another.

“We make a list of prayer requests and throughout the year, whenever one of those prayer requests are answered, we can check them off,” Rivers said while holding up the prayer board created by her Monday night Bible study. “By May, we can just look back at how the Lord has answered.”

Ben Pearman, a junior RA who co-leads a men’s Bible study in Garrison, one of the male dorms, shared that the best part of leading a study was the discussions that come out of it.

“It’s taught me that I still have a lot to learn,” Pearman said. “And it’s reminded me that no matter how many times you’ve read through a Scripture, the Lord’s always going to teach you something new.”

Regular attendees of these groups, such as freshmen Corley Humphrey and Elizabeth Glass, have nothing but praise for their groups.

“I go to the Esther Bible study that Jordan West and Bailey Jarnagin have over in Merritt,” Humphrey said. “It’s only been two weeks, we’ve just started but everyone’s really open…we tell each other what’s going on and how we can pray for each other.”

And through that openness and vulnerability, God continues to work through the students of Truett-McConnell.

Students interested in joining one of the on-campus groups have the opportunity to participate in the following Bible studies:

Co-ed Bible studies opportunities:     

SPIRITUAL FITNESS – led by Phillip Davis and Meredith Mellard. Discussing the Fruits of the Spirit, spiritual discipline, and characteristics of Godliness. Bible study meets in the Gym Lobby each Monday at 7:00pm.

FEET (Forever Evangelizing Every Tribe) – led by Tyler Eanes. Studying what the Word has to say about evangelism. Our desire is to see revival come, but first our hearts must be ready. Bible study meets in the Nix enter Bear Cave each Sunday at 7:30pm.

THE HEALER OF THE HELPLESS – led by Hannah Walker and Catherine Smith. Study covering the healing encounters in the Bible. Bible study meets in the Miller building at Outtakes each Tuesday at 7:30pm.

Women only Bible Studies opportunities:

TRUE WOMAN 201: Interior Design – led by Mrs. Hana Caner. Transform your thoughts and actions as you learn His design for Godly character while studying the book of Titus. Bible study meets in Mountain. Manor (The President’s Home each Thursday at 8:00pm (Refreshments at 7:45pm).

FORGIVEN – led by Kayla Rivers and Micaela Turner. Studying the Book of Romans. Bible study meets in Otwell 111 each Monday at 9:00pm.

ESTHER – led by Jordan West and Bailey Jarnigan. Studying the Book of Esther. Bible study meets in Merritt 201 each Tuesday at 8:00pm.

EPHESIANS – led by Kelsey Miller and Audrey Nix. Studying the Book of Ephesians. Bible study meets in Merritt 210 each Tuesday at 8:30pm.

LOVE- “Living with God” – led by Madison Clay and Olivia Darley. “Love” takes us deeper, returning us to living with God in a new found joy, adventure, intrigue, and wonder. Bible study meets in the New Dorm 106 each Wednesday at 8:30pm.

RELATIONSHIPS & GOD – led by Catherine Smith and Destiny Allen. Bible study meets in the Otwell Lobby each Monday at 7pm.

Men only Bible Study opportunities:

MANHOOD – led by David Anderson. Bible study meets in the Garrison Lobby each Wednesday at 9:00pm.

BROTHERS IN CHRIST- led by Ben Pearman and Zachary Buchanan. Come join us as we study the book of James and grow together as brothers in Christ! Bible study meets in Sewell 212 each Thursday Night at 9:00pm.


Katie Louise is a freshman World Missions major and freelance writer for TMC.

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