During this week’s chapel service at Truett McConnell University (TMU), former Southern Baptist Convention President Dr. Paige Patterson presented the annual lecture series known as Radical Reformation Day.

Before he began his sermon, TMU President Dr. Emir Caner introduced Radical Reformation Day, and its centering around Anabaptists like Balthasar Hubmaier who was responsible for initiating the believer’s church movement.

“This day, we have set aside as Radical Reformation Day to honor our forefathers­–the Anabaptists” said Caner. Using pictures from last year’s Anabaptist tour, he explained some of the historic landmarks associated with these Anabaptists.

Outside the gates of Vienna where Hubmaier was burned to death.

“The reason we chose March 12this because on March 10, 1528, Anabaptist pastor, apologist, and hero of the Christian faith Balthasar Hubmaier stood amid a martyr’s flames outside the gates of Vienna and died for his biblical beliefs.”

The last words out of Hubmaier’s mouth on that tragic day were: ‘O, Jesus!’

“It was amazing to the people who were watching,” Caner explained, “because it was obvious that he sensed more joy than pain.”

Caner noted that Hubmaier had, in 14 months, baptized 12,000 people, and was responsible for initiating the believer’s church movement.

Three days later, his wife Elizabeth, gave her life by martyrdom and was said that her faith was stoic than that of her husband.

Leaders like Hubmaier “gave their lives in such an incredible [and] significant way that, literally, America would not be America with our emphasis on religious liberty if it weren’t for men and women who stood up 500 years ago,” said Caner.


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for TMU’s Marketing and Communications Department.

photo/Dr. Emir Caner/outside the walls of Vienna

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