Pastor Javier Chavez

Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions will welcome Pastor Javier Chavez as Visiting Professor of Missions and Evangelism this fall.

“We are thrilled to welcome Javier Chavez as Visiting Professor of Missions and Evangelism,” said TMU President Emir Caner. “As a missionary in Peru for more than a decade and a church planter and pastor right here in Georgia, Javier is the quintessential choice to equip the next generation.”

Chavez, who is a familiar speaker for the university’s weekly chapel service, was born in Peru and lived in many regions of Latin America as the son of a missionary with an evangelical organization.

In 1995, Chavez came to the United States where he obtained a B.A. in Religion and Social Science and M.A. in Historical Studies. Soon after, Chavez met his wife, and together, they moved to Peru to serve as church planters for thirteen years.

“In Peru” he said, “I planted Amistad Cristiana Lima, a vibrant urban contemporary church that has given birth to other congregations across the nation.” Chavez then moved back to the US to pursue a PhD in Intercultural Studies.

In 2015, Chavez founded Amistad Cristiana International (ACI) in Gainesville, Georgia with just ten members. Today, the church runs 250 members as it continues to help others “find God’s purpose for their life in Jesus Christ.” In 2018, Chavez served with Dr. Emir Caner, President of TMU, on the Committee on Committees for the Southern Baptist Convention.

Presently, Chavez serves as the 2nd Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention, Hispanic representative for the northern regions with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, representative for Georgia in the SBC Hispanic Leadership Council, and as a trustee in the GA Baptist Public Affairs Committee.

As president of Amistad Cristiana International, Chavez says, “the vision of ACI is to empower the Spanish-speaking communities around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” The ministry has partnered with churches in Peru, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and soon in Japan.

This fall, Chavez will add “visiting professor” to his many responsibilities as he teaches intercultural communication, the theology of missions, and other courses in cultural studies.

“One class that Dr. Chavez will be teaching this fall is Intercultural Communication,” said Dr. Maël Disseau, Dean of the School of Theology and Missions and Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies. “What an awesome experience for our undergraduate students to have a Peruvian church planter share with them years of experience in intercultural communications.”

As he prepares for the upcoming fall semester Chavez said his greatest desire, “is to provide our students with an international perspective of missions while dissecting themes of theology, socio-cultural, and missiological studies. All of these needed to show our students four irrefutable truths: the Bible is the infallible Word of God, Jesus Christ is the only solution to the dilemmas of the world, the Church is always the sending agent, and the Great Commission is still our greatest task.”

Chavez is not only excited about sharing his heart for missions but most importantly, “to see a new generation of missionaries that come out of our university well-trained in high academic standards, solid in biblical-theological education, but also able to read the culture of our days and present answers through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for TMU.

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