With the new fall semester underway, students and visitors have enjoyed campus improvements made over the summer. Before the semester began, President Emir Caner and Director of Facilities Management Justin Coalley announced these additions as well as plans for the coming year.

Dorm upgrades

Merritt and Otwell Halls, both female dorms, received new faux wood plank flooring which replaced the original flooring installed in 1966. Otwell also received an upgrade to the lobby and new lobby furniture. In Garrison and Sewell Halls, both male dorms, shower tiles were replaced in the bathrooms, and together, each lobby was renovated with new flooring and furniture. The New Dorm, to be renamed in the next few months, received a new paint job and also new furniture.

Change of location

The Peter and Gredel Walpot School of Education moved from Brown Hall to its new location in Odell Hall, which is adjacent to main campus. The new home of the School of Education houses five newly renovated offices with a reception area, conference room, study room and classrooms in the Odell Hall–Dixon Drive location.

Road renovations

Several road renovations took place including pavement repair in the Twin Springs parking lot, seal coating on several campus roads, and the addition of crosswalks on many parts of the campus.

Gym flooring

One major overhaul this summer included a newly refinished gym floor in the original gymnasium, also known as the Bear Cave. The new flooring gives TMU’s volleyball program its own independent arena as the sport prepares for the addition of men’s volleyball beginning next season.

New additions to Athletics

To help accommodate cycling, the 17thcollegiate sport offered at TMU, a $92,000 mountain biking course was completed. This course has been categorized as one of the top ten courses in the state of Georgia. Joshua Muzyka, Truett McConnell’s Mountain Biking Recruiting Coordinator, will soon provide more information on the projected opening date of the trail along with designated access times for students, faculty, staff, and members of the public.

Plans for undeveloped land

During fall orientation, Caner announced efforts made for the construction of a potential lake to be developed behind main campus on part of the 130 acres of undeveloped campus land. The undeveloped land recently underwent a wetland survey to determine next steps in this beautification process.

All funds for the first cabin of the Danny E. Watters Village project have been raised to begin the next steps in the construction process. The Danny E. Watters project, named in his honor, will provide a quiet, restful place where those in ministry can come to be alone with God and their families.

Caner shared positive remarks in regard to the efforts made for each of these additions, improvements, and in-kind donations. “We are looking forward to many more exciting changes and enhancements that will benefit current and prospective students at Truett McConnell University,” said Caner.


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for Truett McConnell University.

photo of new updates in Sewell Hall/jg

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