by Leon Hartwell

Cleveland, Ga. (TMNews) –Pastor Jeff Crook, Senior Pastor of Blackshear Place Baptist Church in Flowery Branch, Ga., spoke to Truett McConnell students about Godly leadership in the school’s weekly chapel service, February 12.

Offering a forewarning, Crook said: “Believe it or not, you will one day graduate from Truett McConnell College, and people out there in ministry and churches will be looking for Godly men and Godly women to fill leadership positions.”

Crook submitted the idea that the Apostle Paul is a prime example of a solid leader. He shared how Paul was an excellent leader for God, embracing followers and practicing exhortation of God’s Word. Paul had a heart for ministry and a Spirit of tenacity, Crook shared.

“The best textbook for leadership is the Bible,” Crook said. “You are a leader whether you know it or not. Leadership is influence, and you are influencing someone.”

Quoting from Acts chapter 20, Crook showed how Paul was able to lead other people to Christ by effective leadership. Paul was a selfless person, Crook said. “Leadership is not self-centered, it’s other-centered,” he added. Leadership is not about personal gain or popularity, but rather, being a servant for other people, just as Christ was.

Crook did offer a warning for future Christian leaders: “Paul was a hunted man. If you were Paul’s friend, you would be hunted down.” Despite potential danger, Paul continued with a tenacious and fearless spirit because he knew God was with him, Crook said.

Crook also emphasized the importance of integrity, saying that, “integrity is what you are doing when no one is looking; leadership cannot be effective without integrity. Paul was a person of integrity.”

“Integrity is the superglue of leadership,” Crook said. “We cannot survive without it.”

Sharing the principles of Godly leadership, Crook spoke of the difficulties which come with being a leader and reminded students to “be aware of coldness towards God, pride, fear, and addiction.”

Finally, Crook spoke about the importance of being a great leader by first being a great follower. He told everyone that being stubborn is one of the worst hindrances of effective leadership.


Leon is an junior English major and a freelance writer for TMC.

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