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Posted July 3

  Lauren Brown and Josh Fowlkes chatted with two local girls during an afternoon service project. The girls asked Lauren and Josh about their college curriculum, and the two TMCers said they were involved in Christian Studies.

The nationals told Lauren and Josh about a Christian from the West who taught them English.

Lauren nudged into a question: “What did the Christian teacher tell you?”

They recalled the stories of Easter and Christmas, and then said they didn’t know much about Jesus, adding that they practiced Buddhism.

“Is Buddha a good god, a perfect god?” Lauren asked. “And if so, does he expect you to be perfect as well?”

The girls replied that Buddha was a perfect god and that he would expect them to be perfect like him, but they were suddenly disheartened when realizing they could never be perfect. 

Lauren said that she believed in a perfect God, but that he does not expect her to be perfect because we are all sinners. Lauren then shared the Gospel with the young women, saying that she knows a gracious God who came to die for her sins.

The girls seemed disengaged.

“What do you think about what I’ve shared with you?” Lauren asked. 

Both girls told Lauren that what she said was truth, and that they wanted to have the same God and truth that she does. 

Lauren explained to both girls that such a decision is not easy, and that their new belief could foster persecution.

Both girls acknowledged Lauren’s words.

After further discussion, the girls committed their lives to Jesus Christ.

Please keep praying.

God is moving in amazing ways here in Asia.

– by Ashlyn Williams

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