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Former professional wrestler, Lex Luger, spoke at Truett-McConnell Chapel on November 4, 2010.

Luger gave a testimony about his life and how God has brought him to where he is now. He began with the story of his temporary paralysis. He states two years ago, he felt a sharp pain between his shoulders which led to his paralysis from the neck down. During this time when he couldn’t move any part of his body, Luger says God gave him complete peace.

“God showed me that there is strength through weakness” He states.

Luger declares that he was always chasing after status. It was an empty chase that left him feeling hollow and bare.

In May 2003, his girlfriend at the time died beside him while watching television due to a drug overdose. As a result, police came to search his house and they found numerous drugs.

Luger was thrown in jail for five years and given countless hours of community service. As a result, he began to drink more alcohol and take more drugs. As he was sitting one night on a couch in his hotel, Luger says he saw himself floating at the bottom of a pond. There was neither light nor sound and at that point, he states that he had given up hope. He then says he saw a speck of light at the bottom of the pond.

“God was saying ‘sit up!'”

He tried to fix his life by immediately quitting drugs and alcohol and trying to restart his wrestling career. However, while on his way to Canada, he was arrested again and given more months in jail.

While in jail, Luger says he met a chaplain and after a couple of months, the two became friends and Luger became the chaplain’s trainer. During this period Luger would ask questions about God because he had a spiritual curiosity.

Then, in April 2006, in that same hotel, Luger asked the chaplain about salvation. The chaplain was eager to explain salvation and on the same couch that he had once dreamed he was sinking, Luger gave his life to Christ.

Luger encouraged students, faculty, and staff to not live life for themselves but rather for Christ.

“Let God fulfill his purpose in you and not what you think your purpose is” He says.

Truett-McConnell thanks Lex Luger for visiting the college and encouraging us to live with our minds on eternity rather than temporary earthly things.





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