Update, May 24 —

The N. Africa team is now in Amsterdam focusing on North African ethnicities, but is also sharing the Gospel with those God leads to the team. Two reports arrived overnight from Jacob Spencer and Daniel Gentry. Note that both of these young men cite specific prayer requests.

Amsterdam Encounters

submitted by Jacob Spencer

Walking through Vondal Park with Meg and Milly, we steadfastly prayed that God would reveal to us someone to talk to. God led us to talk to a group of people sitting on the grass, and upon talking to them we found that they, too, were college students. They were visiting Amsterdam from Belgium and thought they would simply enjoy a day in the park, free from confrontation from strangers. We conversed for a while about America and Belgium and compared our cultures, and then we began to inquire about their idea of religion. Coming from a predominately Catholic country, they still had no concept of what sin was and had never even entertained the thought of an afterlife. Their only view of life was that they were to live a happy and fun life, full of partying, and then one day they would die and life would simply end. After expressing to them the Truth we believe, they voiced that they respect what we believe but that it just wasn’t what they wanted. I wish we could say that they expressed a belief in Christ, but in the hardness of their hearts, we planted a seed and spoke as the Holy Spirit led. Pray that their hearts would be softened and that what we told them about God would resonate in their hearts so that one day they might believe.

An Answer to Prayer

submitted by Daniel Gentry

Sitting in Vogal Park, Dr. Pruitt and I were eagerly looking for someone with whom to share the gospel. Dr. Pruitt began to pray as I silently prayed as well. Upon saying amen, I looked up to see two dogs happily walking along with a lady walking behind them. The dogs slowly moseyed in my direction and then stopped right in front of me, where for the next 30 minutes they would stay and we would have the opportunity to have a Gospel driven conversation with their owner who had given up on church and anything that it stood for. Although there was no decision of faith, God had brought us along to plow the spiritual ground of her soul and to plant seeds of the Gospel there. We continue to pray that God will stir her heart from its coldness and convict her of the truthfulness of the Gospel.

— Posted May 13, by Norm Miller


Update, May 23 —

N. Africa Mission team moves to Amsterdam for 3 more days of ministry among unreached N. African ethnic groups. New pix included.
Text message from Dr. Pruitt, missions professor:

The Apostle Paul would describe our students’ past week of ministry by saying “they reasoned” in more than 30 conversations to make known the name of Christ. We praise God for the seeds sown by our students, and for the person who accepted Christ.

TMCNews will post more pix and reports as they arrive from the team. Stay tuned.
Update, May 20

On Saturday (May 19), Dr. Pruitt, Daniel Gentry and two local believers spent an hour climbing the goat trail that leads the country’s Orthodox church pictured below. The team shared the Good News of Christ with local villagers – the same villagers who on Sunday attended the church in hopes that the priest and church’s venerated ‘saint’ would make clear their path to God.

Also on Saturday, the women’s team led a village woman to Christ after showing her the movie “Magdelena: Released from Shame” by Nardine Productions.

— Posted May 13, by Norm Miller


Update, May 18

As expected, communications from our N. Africa mission team are limited. We received the following text messages from Dr. Pruitt.

God’s Word is clear that those who love Him are to take the Good News into the marketplace. Today, the TMC team took the Good News into Africa’s largest marketplace.

Team working in a high altitude context with the poorest of the poor. Team has no television or radio, and has had Internet once for 30 minutes.

Team is well and has great team dynamics. Team has encountered and ministered to the poor, lepers, AIDS victims, and people with TB.

God is at work.

AIDS victims, garbage dump dwellers, impoverished villagers all will experience God’s touch through the hands of TMC students, and hear from their mouths the soul-saving message of Jesus Christ.

As churchgoers along the Eastern Seaboard worshiped, six Truett-McConnell College students spent their Mother’s Day bound for North Africa along with missions professor, Dr. Ed Pruitt.

On their two-week jaunt to an undisclosed North African country, the team of seven will work in concert with other evangelicals to share the message of Jesus Christ with those who’ve had little or no access to the Gospel, and will minister to victims of HIV AIDS, to those who eke out a meager existence in garbage dumps, and to poverty-stricken villagers in the rural countryside.

The team plans to send pictures and written insights back to TMCNews via the Internet; but the quality, reliability and availability of the in-country Web may hinder regular updates to this page. Nonetheless, the team requests that you would frequently return here if for no other reason than to pray for each of them by name.

North Africa Mission Team:

Rachael Benhart

Sarah Fitzsimons

Amelia Horsley

Margaret Singletary

Jacob Spencer

Daniel Gentry

Dr. Ed Pruitt

Other evangelical workers in the region

— Posted May 13, by Norm Miller




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