Truett McConnell University (TMU) announces the addition of the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree to be offered on campus and online beginning this fall.

“In a day and age of cultural confusion and theological compromise, TMU will raise up a new generation of pastors and leaders who will unapologetically stand on the sufficiency of Scripture,” said President Dr. Emir Caner.

“Throughout the history of religious education, the, ever so slight, decent down the slope of compromise has rendered numerous schools and seminaries impotent of God’s power and presence,” said Dr. Brad Reynolds, Vice President for Academic Services.

“And yet,” Reynolds added, “God has faithfully raised up other institutions to fill the void.  Such is the case again today.  Through Dr. Caner’s leadership and vision, and Dr. Disseau’s labor and faithfulness, TMU is positioned, through this degree, to fill the void being created by so many institutions today.”

The 82-hour graduate level program is so structured to provide students with an opportunity to engage in critical thinking; discussion; exploration of biblical foundations, practical implications, and local church applications; and practicum experiences.

“As a Ph. D. in Aerospace Engineering, my personal MDiv experience was essentially formative for my life and my ministry,” said Dean of the Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions, Dr. Maël Disseau.

“It taught me the equivalent of TMU’s four pillars, to: love the Lord, love the Word, love the churches, and love the lost. The MDiv the Hubmaier school is offering will do likewise for the next generation of God’s people. And I am especially excited that it will do so by focusing on the theological distinctives of the Hubmaier School, training our students to think Biblically on issues such as: the centrality of Scripture, creation, atonement, ecclesiology, biblical manhood and womanhood, and missiology, among others.”

Possible careers with the MDiv include, but are not limited to, vocational church ministry, religious counseling, non-profit worker, pastoral care coordination, and Christian life coordination.

Courses for the MDiv concentration will be conveniently offered on campus and online , with the goal of providing a flexible schedule for students who plan to work while completing the program.

“While the world presses against us ever more ardently and while some pastors and seminaries placate culture by accepting analytical tools and cultural fads, our faculty will stand firm that the Scripture and Scripture alone will be our foundation and resting place,” said Caner.

“Our goal,” he added, “is to raise up leaders who will pray ceaselessly for revival, share Christ tirelessly with the lost, and preach the Word faithfully without compromise.”

Current and prospective TMU students interested in pursuing the MDiv may contact Admissions at or 706-865-2134, ext. 2131. To learn more about the degree, visit:


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for Truett McConnell University

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