For students currently enrolled in Truett McConnell University’s (TMU) dual enrollment program, a new condensed application process will now be available for those pursuing undergraduate admissions.

All incoming undergraduates must complete an application for admission to enroll at TMU. This process can usually be completed in about 15 mins. The new accelerated process takes that already short time and reduces it to 4 or 5 easy questions. This provides yet another benefit to our currently dual enrolled students.

“The main purpose of this condensed process is to make sure our dual enrollment students will now have an easy and convenient process when applying for undergraduate admission,” said Timothy Agee, Interim Office Manager to TMU’s Admissions Office. “Our plan is to continue this faster application process for future dual enrollment students.”

Agee explained that the new process is largely possible due to the collaboration efforts amongst departments to better serve the students of Truett McConnell.

“This will benefit our dual enrollment students greatly, as it will shave off a few minutes and concerns when they are applying to colleges,” said Agee. “For TMU, this will allow us the opportunity to retain many of our wonderful students who are already a part of the TMU family through dual enrollment programs.”

Dual enrollment seniors seeking undergraduate admissions as Truett McConnell can now access the condensed application at


Jenny Gregory is the Digital Content Specialist for TMU’s Marketing and Communications.

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