Jackson gains four bronze medals in canoe and kayak championship

By Vicky Kaniaru

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews) – Truett-McConnell College student, Ethan Jackson, participated in the USAJackson garnered four bronze medals and is already preparing for future competitions Canoe/Kayak Collegiate Spring National Championships held at The Lake Lanier Canoe and Kayak Club in Gainesville, Ga., May 6-7. Jackson secured four bronze medals and his rankings placed Truett-McConnell fourth in the nation behind first place Georgia Tech, second place Oklahoma City University, and third place North Georgia College and State University.

Jackson participated in three kayak events: K1, K2, and K4. K1 represents a one-person kayak, K2 a two-person kayak, and K4 a four-person kayak.

In the men’s K1 500 event, Jackson earned fifth place and ranked ninth in the nation in the K1 200 meter event. Jackson teamed up with Kyle Mechinim of Oklahoma City University for the men’s K2 events, where they finished third in the 200 and 500 meter races. In men’s K-4, Ethan and Kyle were joined by Rich Stewart of North Georgia College and State University and Matthew Fronk of Georgia Tech to take third place in both the 200 and 500 meter distance races.

Any Truett-McConnell students interested in learning more about this sport and possibly representing Truett-McConnell at the collegiate national championships next spring, contact Brenda Miller at 770-287-7888.


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