by Charissa Veal

(Ed’s. note: Charissa Veal is one of several students who traveld to an undisclosed country to share the Gospel. TMCNews is happy to share her insights with our readers. More such stories are forthcoming in the days ahead.)

Worshiping in a church in a different country was a new experience for me. I had never been out of the country before coming to [Asia], so when my fellow Truett-McConnell College students and I went to church here, I didn’t know what to expect. We were in a place where people spoke multiple languages and came from many different backgrounds, yet they, at some time or another, had become Christians.

Much to my relief, the service was in English. The music was almost, if not exactly, like the contemporary worship music we have in many American churches, and the message was clearly God-inspired and edifying. As I sang the songs and worshipped, I knew God’s spirit was present and that I was free to worship just like I would if I were in an American church. Through worshipping outside of my normal, cultural comfort zone, God showed me the beauty of His Spirit in that even when I am on the opposite side of the globe, with people that I have never met before, and that speak different languages, we are all united; yet our unity is not merely one goal and purpose, but one fellowship and one body. The language of our mouths is not what brought us together, but rather the language of the Spirit that made the tongue null.

Meeting fellow Christians of different races and cultures also taught me the beauty of unity. I was able to talk to former Sikhs and see the same joy that I have in walking with Christ, and our similar experiences brought encouragement. To know that other people literally on the other side of the world have the same thoughts, the same desires, and the same struggles has me helped to broaden my world view. I have a better understanding of people and see the world in a different, broader light than ever before. The horizon is no longer a barrier.

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