by Nathan Welsh

CLEVELAND, GA., (TMNews) – On January 28, 2016, Dr. Jason Graffagnino, the Division Chair of World Missions and Christian Studies at Truett-McConnell, delivered the message at TM’s weekly chapel service. Graffagnino presented a striking contrast between a life of humility and a life of pride.

Clothed with humility

As he preached from 1 Peter 5:5-11, Graffagnino revealed some specific commands given in the text. The first is that Christians are to clothe themselves with humility. “This implies you’re wearing it and others can see it,” said Graffagnino.

He explained that once humility is at the forefront of a believer’s values, the other virtues would follow. Pointing out the danger of pride, Graffagnino stated: “The essence of pride is the proud putting themselves in the place of God.”

The next command given is that believers are to allow themselves to be humbled. “If we let God humble us, He will exalt us,” Graffagnino said.

Trusting God with burdens and anxieties

 According to Graffagnino, once Christians have allowed God to humble them, they will then cast their cares and anxieties on God. “You don’t have to live a life full of burdens,” said Graffagnino.

He continued, “When we’re anxious, we trust ourselves instead of God. Can you trust Him?”

The third command was for believers to be of sober spirit. “This means we need to be on the alert. To be clear-headed and mentally aware,” explained Graffagnino.

He then reminded the students that their adversary is the devil. “What we have is a spiritual issue that has manifested itself in the physical realm,” he stated. “The devil is looking for someone to take hold of, destroy, and lead astray.”

Taking a stand

The final command mentioned was for Christians to take a stand. “Defense wins championships,” declared Graffagnino. He reminded the students that their task is not to defeat Satan, but to stand firm and be steadfast.

While Graffagnino acknowledged that no one enjoys suffering, he recounted how God has used suffering in the past to grow His church.

“The picture of humility is a life of surrender,” concluded Graffagnino. “You need to ask yourself, am I being driven by a prideful heart? If so, stop allowing pride to control your decisions.”


Nathan Welsh is a senior Christian Studies major and a freelance writer for TMC.

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