— “Music speaks what cannot be expressed / soothes the mind and gives it rest / heals the heart and makes it whole / flows from heaven to the soul.”

Music also flows to the world from the Truett-McConnell College Chorale via YouTube streaming. This year viewers in more than 100 countries experienced the voices of the TMC Chorale. Within the last three years, multiplied thousands of people have viewed and heard the Chorale’s online offerings.

Choral music is a universal language that crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries to unify listeners unlike any other form of art. Listeners in Switzerland, Peru, and Australia can equally appreciate the beauty of Latin, German, or French choral works performed by TMC’s Chorale – all of which proclaim Christ.

“We strive to emphasize quality choral literature as we prepare our students for worship ministry, music education, and performance opportunities,” said Dr. Ben Caston, Music Dept. Chair and conductor.

“Our Chorale is a wonderful picture of musical discipleship as we grow musically and spiritually, expressing our faith in song,” he added. “The local church is one of our favorite places to sing as we proclaim the glory of God, encourage believers in their faith, and present Christ to those in need of a Savior.”

Eric Robbins — a contemporary worship major at TMC College — said, “Music in the church is a rapidly changing ministry. Churches are now embracing both traditional choral music and contemporary hymns to speak to the heart languages of multiple generations. Because of this, aspiring music ministers are realizing the value of being well versed in multiple styles of music to effectively minister to their congregations.

“For the aspiring musician called to honor God with their academic pursuits, the music program at Truett-McConnell provides a valuable, ministry-motivated education. The program offers training in church music ministry, contemporary worship, music education, and general music performance.”

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