Fred Luter concludes Spiritual Emphasis Week

By Vicky Kaniaru

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews)—More than 40 students knelt and prayed Sept. 8 following the concluding sermon of Spiritual Emphasis Week at Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, Ga.

Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, and 1st vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, preached three sermons Sept. 6-8.

“If you’re going to be able to pull off what I spoke about on Tuesday and Wednesday, you must understand that you can’t do it by yourself,” Luter said.

Citing Jeremiah 18:1-6, Luter affirmed that if one is to have God’s word in their hand, head, and heart, and be able to stand amid Satan’s attack, then one must “be in the Master’s hand.”

“God did for man what he did not do for any other creature, he blew his breath into man’s nostrils,” Luter said.

Highlighting the reasons for believers to submit themselves to God, Luter noted three points saying that humans are “messed up, we can’t fix ourselves, and God has healing hands.”

“We’re not who God created us to be because of our sin nature. As a result of our corrupt flesh, we do things we are not supposed to do,” said Luter, who said Christians must “see sin as God sees sin.”

As long as believers continue to have a shifting foundation, they will always have cracks in their life, he said, urging the audience to put their lives in God’s hands.

“God is the only one who can take your shattered broken life, put it under the shadow of grace, and make you what he wants you to be,” he said. “No matter how marred you are, God has got healing hands. God will shape and mold you when you put yourself in his hands.”


Vicky Kaniaru is senior staff writer at Truett-McConnell College.

NOTE TO EDITORS: A wrap-up story will be posted on Friday.


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