Fall semester 2009 enrollment at Truett-McConnell College shows a marked increase over fall of 2008, a significant fact in light of the recessionary economy over the past year.

For the first time in nineteen years, the college’s headcount exceeds 500.  Since fall quarter 1990, when enrollment for the Cleveland campus stood at 524, there has not been a term when the Cleveland enrollment reached 500.  On the date of this writing, the current fall enrollment figure is 514 with the possibility that another one or two students might yet enroll in an online course which begins in October. 

The current semester headcount of 514 compares with last fall’s figure of 451, showing an increase of 14% over last fall.

Headcount figures include the students who take classes on the Cleveland campus, as well as some students enrolled in TMC’s online courses and a number of high school students in several area high schools who are enrolled in TMC courses for dual credit.

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