by Leon Hartwell

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMNews) – “Do not plan a worship service to attract people,” said Dr. Steve Gaines, Senior Pastor of

Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tenn., during Truett-McConnell’s August 27th chapel service. “Plan a worship service to attract God and God will attract the people.

Gaines centered his message around revival and defined the term as: “the glory of God filling the house of God; whether it’s individually, or in a family, or in a church, or in an area where God’s presence just fills the room.”

Focusing on 2 Chronicles 20, Gaines spoke about revivals in the United States. “Right before the Revolutionary War, there was a real movement of God. Revival is like a tide; it comes in then it goes out.”

While speaking to a number of Christian revivals and movements throughout history, he stressed that revival requires “persistence and perseverance” adding: “God can move anywhere, anytime, when people are hungry and when people want God.”

“The Lord is bigger than anything that’s going on in America right now,” Gaines said while sharing of recent cultural upheaval such as the legalization of homosexual marriage, the legality of abortion, and racial tensions.

“The two fangs of the devil are fear and discouragement,” Gaines said. “Those two things are all over the Bible and God is constantly saying ‘don’t be afraid and don’t be discouraged.'” Encouraging students to persevere with a godly mindset, Gaines added: “The devil can’t do anything with you.”

Continuing on, Gaines asserted that “The devil hates Jesus in you. And he is coming after you. He wants to take you down.” Reminding the crowd of their defensive weapons, Gaines cited prayer and evangelism as key factors in defeating the enemy.


Leon is a senior English major and a freelance writer for TMC.

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