by Charissa Veal

CLEVELAND, Ga.,(TMNews) –Truett-McConnell College welcomed its first chapel of the Spring 2015 semester with a message from its own president, Emir Caner. On January 15, Dr. Caner asked, “When was the last time that you were a part of something bigger than yourself?”

Following a recap of the life of Conrad Grebel, an Anabaptist, Caner stated, “Revival isn’t simply something that happens in your own heart. Revival is such a movement of God that it will happen to others….” He explained through the individual revival of Grebel, God caused a large scale revival to spread throughout the neighboring towns and to transform lives.

“Ten thousand people over that movement would be martyred, one hundred thousand would be imprissoned, and one Lord would be glorified, from one ordinary life that wanted the movement of God. But do you?” Caner challenged.

Then, turning to Psalm 85, Caner demonstrated the process of finding revival. First, he said people remember Christ, their first love. Second, believers are moved to rejoice because of the forgiveness of their sins. And third, believers reclaim their faith, exhibiting four characteristics of a changed life: unfailing love, truth, righteousness, and peace.

However, revival does not come to half-hearted believers. “Until believers are expectant, revival will never happen,” Caner warned. “Every revival poured out on this nation has come through the youth of this nation….The questions this morning is: are you expantant for one here?”


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