By: Jenny Gregory

Cleveland, Ga. – Each year, Truett McConnell University (TMU) students, faculty and staff spend countless hours spreading the gospel, locally and abroad. This summer was no exception as one group embarked on a 20-hour flight to Chiang Mai, Thailand, for two weeks in mid-July.

While in Thailand, the team of 21 TMU representatives, along with a group from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, organized street evangelism at local universities. They also visited orphanages, encouraging the workers and teaching the children Bible truths and how to share their faith.

Connecting with the locals

For Meagan Taylor, a theology student in TMU’s graduate program, the experience was exciting, yet humbling. She was excited to see lives change and humbled by the living conditions in Thailand.

“The trip,” said Taylor “allowed us to share the gospel with the people of Thailand as well as encourage Thai believers and partner with them in ministry.”

Several members of the mission team are soccer players and coaches. They found soccer to be an effective platform to share the gospel with the Thailand people. “Playing against local teams and conducting clinics to teach basic soccer skills opened the door for us to reach many Thai youth,” Taylor shared.

The group spent time in the village of Mai Rim, just outside of Chiang Mai, where they hosted a two-day soccer clinic. “On the final night of the clinic,” she said, “the gospel was shared, and 13 young men prayed to receive Christ!”

Partnering with Chiang Mai

Even with the fruits of their labor abundantly showing, Taylor saw the bondage of false religion in the lives of almost every Thai she met. “It is heartbreaking to see hundreds upon hundreds of men, women and children bow their heads and bend their knees to a statue that does not hear them nor answer their prayers.”

Yet, she is thankful her mission team was able to partner with local churches in the Southeast Asian country. “The Lord may use our team to bring a plentiful harvest of people who pray to receive Christ for the first time, but we must help connect these new believers with a local body of believers who can teach, encourage and disciple them.”

“The leaders in the World Missions Center have a great desire for the Thai people to know Jesus,” Taylor added. “In years past, many seeds have been planted with little response. This year, over 50 professions of faith were made while in Thailand.”

A change in Chiang Mia

“I believe we are starting to see a movement of God in Chiang Mai. It is both exciting and humbling to have been used by the Lord as a part of His work there this summer,” said Taylor.

As she looks forward to more opportunities in Thailand, she plans to continue building relationships with the churches, orphanages and coaches in Chiang Mai and expand the ministry to the Thai people.

Jenny Gregory is the Content Manager for Truett McConnell University.

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