Truett-McConnell College has received a letter from The National Association of Schools of Music indicating that the proposal for a Bachelor of Science in Music Education (BSME) degree program has received plan approval. As a consequence of this historic milestone in the life of the music department, the BSME will be offered beginning spring semester 2010, with some classes specific to the degree program already on the spring schedule.

Dr. John L Davis, Music Department and Fine Arts Division Chair, indicated that “this is a tremendous accomplishment for Truett-McConnell College’s Music Department. For years there has been discussion of adding music education to the degree offerings. Now, that option is available. It opens up an entirely new realm of potential music students—those who want to be band directors and choral directors in public schools and private schools. This new degree will lead to the certification that allows music graduates to attain that career goal, enabling Truett-McConnell College’s music graduates to extend their influence in to additional realms of the public sphere. We are grateful to God and excited about the future he has for us!

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