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Going, Sowing, Growing

Posted July 2 —

 TMC missions students helped more than 20 other Asian students practice their English, which is one method of establishing relationships and sharing the Gospel. Several TMCers did exactly that among the Asian students. Some have made appointment with others to meet again.

Four Asian Christians shared their testimonies regarding the struggles they face in their home country. As the nationals told their stories, TMC students were reminded of how grateful they should be to have the freedom to worship. Some TMC students shared with the group their personal testimonies, which revealed to the nationals that the struggles of Christians know no borders. One Asian who was not a believer told the students she could see the compassion that they had for those who do not believe. One of the Asian believers explained that the people of her country are desperate to find love. The main thing that brought her to become a believer was when someone told her that Jesus loved her enough to die in her place so that she might have life.

TMC students on this trip have such an urgency to tell others about the love of Jesus. With only a few days left in Asia, please pray that we will have many more opportunities to share God’s love with these people. – by Ashlyn Williams

Posted July 1 —

 Team Pruitt and Team Sanders are back together – this time evangelizing on the streets of a major Asian city. Fourteen students are talking one-on-one with passersby and have had numerous meaningful conversations. Maggie Myra made an exceptional contact with two teenaged girls. They claimed to be atheists, but admitted they resort to Buddhism in troubled times.

Maggie noted they needed the Savior, and she shared the Gospel with them. After stressing the forgiveness of sin, both girls decided they wanted Jesus. Maggie reiterated and clarified the Gospel, making sure the girls knew what they were doing. She warned them that persecution was a distinct possibility because of their decision. Both girls said they understood and that they wanted to become Christ followers. Through Maggie’s efforts, there are two more sisters in Christ in Asia.

Teams Pruitt and Sanders are engaging locals every day with the claims of Christ. Please pray for each student on the teams, and for leaders Drs. Pruitt and Sanders. Pray also for those who will hear the message.  — by Ashlyn Williams

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