The chapel speaker was Dr. Harris Malcom, Ministry Resource Consultant for the Southwest Georgia Region of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Dr. Malcom is a 1973 graduate of Truett-McConnell College, and his wife, Phyllis Rainwater Malcom, is also an alumnus of TMC. The Malcoms are the parents of three daughters and live in Americus, GA.

Harris and Phyllis Malcom were chosen to play the roles of the parents in the movie Fireproof, recently released by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany. Their lives have changed considerably since that time because of the fame associated with the success of the movie.

Taking his text from Psalm 119:9-11, Dr. Malcolm spoke on the topic, “How can we maintain purity in heart?” His challenge to the audience was to develope and maintain a pure heart in an impure/immoral world. His point was that, instead of following our hearts, we should be leading our hearts by feeding them with God’s word and Biblical principles, by seeding them in the soil of God’s love, and by deeding them to God as the sole owner of our lives.

Four things that we can do on a daily basis:
(1) Check our heart (where it has been, where it is now, and where it is headed)
(2) Guard our heart (against sin and its consequences)
(3) Set our heart (on an appropriate course)
(4) Invest our heart (in things that honor God).

A pure heart doesn’t happen accidentally; a pure heart happens intentionally.

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While he was on the campus, college officials learned in conversation with him that he had left Truett-McConnell in 1973 and transferred to a four-year college without receiving his degree.  Following his bachelor’s degree, he continued with his master’s degree and eventually was awarded his doctorate.

The college surprised him on commencement weekend in May by presenting him his long-overdue Associate in Business degree from Truett-McConnell.  In accepting the presentation, Dr. Malcom spoke about the sentimental value of the degree, since he has many fond memories of his years at TMC.




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