CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMNews) – Truett-McConnell Associate Professor of Biology, Tom Hennigan, recently published two articles: “Creation on Display” and “Caring about Creation for the Right Reasons” in Answers Magazine, a periodical published by the Answers in Genesis Ministry.

Answers Magazine provides material that gives glory to God and engages society with a biblical worldview. Topics discussed throughout the magazine include: biology, geology, archaeology, theology, environmentalism, abortion, family, missions, anthropology, and politics, among others.

“I have been writing for them for more than 15 years,” Hennigan shared in reference to the magazine. “[Answers] is designed to be a visually engaging and well-written magazine for readers from about 10ish and up.”

Caring About Creation for the Right Reasons

Knowing Hennigan’s passion for ecological stewardship, Chief Editor Mike Matthews reached out to Hennigan to write the article “Caring about Creation for the Right Reasons” to distinguish the worldview differences between being an environmentalist and a Christian theist who cares for creation.

“I wrote the article based on my own experiences,” Hennigan said. “I was trained in philosophical naturalism. I was an evolutionist who believed that all life could be explained by natural processes and there was no need for God.”

Hennigan continued by sharing that as a child he loved nature, adding: “As I watched people destroy animals and habitats, I grew to hate people. For these and other reasons, I was extremely miserable.”

He shared how God changed his life after a conversation about the evidence for a Creator and watching two men’s prayers answered before his eyes. This experience altered his whole perspective.

“When I realized that the Creator of nature was Christ himself, my affections changed,” Hennigan added.

Describing his article content, Hennigan said: “I know many who have not had that transformation, so I wanted to share my story in the hopes that they would meet Jesus personally.”

“Secondly, I wrote it because the church should be on the forefront of good stewardship because of what true stewardship entails: evangelism, protecting human life in all forms, helping people use resources to the best of their ability, and helping people recognize that God made the Creation, not only to provide for us, but also as a physical illustration of His invisible attributes (Romans 1:20).”

Creation on Display

Hennigan also published “Creation on Display,” which focuses on the crucial relationship between the rhinoceros and microbes.

“Without the tiny organisms that live in their gut and their amazing digestive system design,” Hennigan explained, “they would not exist.”

“They require relationships to thrive. This makes sense because our God is a God of relationship and we would expect that relationship is a key aspect of Creation. Sure enough, it is.”

Hennigan hopes that these publications will: “Encourage Christians in their walk with Christ and that the fog of evolutionary humanism would dissipate in unbelievers, as the Spirit of God reveals He is the Creator of nature.”

You can read Hennigan’s article “Caring about Creation for the Right Reasons” in its entirety here:


Jenny Gregory is the Content Manager at Truett-McConnell.

Photo/Jenny Gregory

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