by Dr. Stacy Hall

Annual giving is an important revenue source for any college. It’s an opportunity for alumni and friends to show their support each and every year. It’s an opportunity to give back to a college that once invested in them, or an opportunity to invest in another young person’s life. Most colleges include this annual funding as part of their budget, relying on the revenue to fund various programs or initiatives on campus.

It’s no different at Truett-McConnell College. TMC depends on its generous donors and their annual gifts to help fund student mission trips, student scholarships, academic and building programs, as well as other critical campus needs. A gift to Truett-McConnell is a statement that you support what God is doing on this campus and how the Holy Spirit is alive and well within our students. I have only been working for TMC since January of this year, but I have seen firsthand many examples of students displaying a passion and thirst for our Lord and Savior. It is truly inspirational.

I pray that you consider giving annually to Truett-McConnell. Every alum, any amount, every year, can make a big difference. To donate today, please go to

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