March 2008

Connie Huff Allen
Class of 1976

     When Connie Huff came to Truett-McConnell College from the tiny west Georgia community of New Hope in Paulding County, she found that it was quite easy to meet a whole new set of friends.  With her easy smile and friendly, outgoing manner, Connie Huff quickly became a favorite at TMC. 
   The completion of her degree program and graduation with an Associate in Arts degree in 1976 meant that Connie had to leave Truett-McConnell and continue with her college education.  She enrolled in Shorter College in Rome, from which she received her Bachelor of Science degree, and then in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, from which she graduated in 1981 with a Master of Religious Education degree.
Doug and Connie Huff Allen
   After receiving her master’s degree, Connie served as Coordinator of Student Activities at Shorter College in Rome for a couple of years before moving to Colorado to serve as a Mission Service Corps volunteer.  Her responsibilities were in student ministries from 1983-85 in Denver and from 1985-87 in Durango in the southwestern corner of Colorado. 
   Upon completion of those four years of volunteer service, Connie remained in southwest Colorado, where she married Doug Allen in 1989 and became an instant stepmother to four children.  The Durango area has been their home ever since, and today Connie and Doug own and manage a cabin resort business northeast of Durango at Vallecito Lake.  View their cabins and information at
Connie Allen shovels snow from the roof of one of their rental cabins in southwest Colorado.
   Even though Connie has been gone from TMC for many years, her influence has been felt on the campus.  Her younger sister, Hope Huff, attended TMC in the early 1980s, and Connie’s stepdaughter, Sierra Allen, attended TMC in 1999-2000 and ran on the college’s cross-country team.
   Connie feels that her time at TMC was two of the best years of her life.  She found family and close friends in her fellow students, as well as the faculty and staff.  She continues to maintain strong bonds with many of the friends she made while attending Truett-McConnell.  “Even though I may not talk to many of the friends made during those two years, I feel that it would only take a phone call or a note to renew those ties.  God used those two years to bless my life.”
   Connie would love to hear from you who read this article and remember her from Truett-McConnell.  You may e-mail her at or write to her at 48 W. Vallecito Creek Road, Bayfield, CO 81122.
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