Truett-McConnell College Alumni Executive Committee

Matt Paul (Class of 1991), President


Sue Porter Cronic (Class of 1973), Vice President


Margie Allison Webb (Class of 1962), Secretary-Treasurer


Hirsch Kennedy Banks (Class of 1954)


Sylvia Bowen Palmer (Class of 1955)


Shuford Jones, Jr. (Class of 1959)


Lewis Martin (Class of 1962)


Jim Bryant (Class of 1964)


Bill White (Class of 1964)


Danny Caudell (Class of 1977)


Jeanette Balsam Looney (Class of 1983)


Amy Goins (Class of 1988)

 J. Kelley Timms (Class of 1993)


Amanda Reynolds (Class of 1999)




Truett-McConnell College Staff Resource Personnel:
 Dr. Daniel Moosbrugger, Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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