by Katie Louise Leach

CLEVELAND, Ga., (TMNews) — In the small town of Rocky Face, Ga., Allee Worley began her journey to missions and ministry through her family’s church involvement. She recalled receiving Christ at a young age and solidifying her commitment in middle school when she truly understood what it meant to be in relationship with Him.

“Every time the doors were open to the church, my family was there,” stated Worley. “My family was extremely involved in the church. Outside of church, my family was also very Christ centered.”

“In late elementary school, my dad got involved with Georgia Disaster Relief and Georgia Baptist Builders, so I started going on trips with him to clean up hurricane debris, build wheelchair ramps, and more,” she explained.

“In my middle school years, my dad went on staff at a church as the Mission and Projects Coordinator and Director,” continued Worley. “From an early age, I was taught the importance of others, and showing Jesus to them despite any circumstance or situation.”

Call to Missions

Worley continues to pursue this belief today. Having gone on her first mission trip at age nine, she’s revisited the Navajo Indian Reservation in Arizona and New Mexico, as well as other international establishments.

“When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with Score International,” Worley shared. “This was most definitely one of the biggest eye opening, impactful trips I have ever been on.”

“During this trip,” Worley shared, “the Lord started working on my heart even more with the call to missions. I thought about it, but kind of pushed it to the side like I had done for the last several years.”

“The following summer, my church and family left for a mission trip, but I was unable to go due to summer courses I was taking. I knew deep down the Lord had a bigger purpose for me.” It wasn’t until after the mission team returned and led a service that Worley realized that the Lord had been answering her question all along.

“After seeking the Lord and crying out, ‘Why?’ for weeks, in that moment I instantly knew,” she said. “That night I accepted the call to ministry.”

Called to an Education Degree

When asked about her major, Worley replied: “Funny story, I actually do not want to be a teacher. I love to teach, but classroom education is not for me.” Instead, the Lord has called her to a different ministry; one that will involve many of the aspects associated with education.

“Being an education major has taught me so much about children, learning styles, developmental problems, and the effects that family life can have on a child,” she explained.

“Once I knew the Lord was calling me to change my major to education, I didn’t completely understand,” Worley admitted. “However, I had an unexplainable peace about it.”

Called to Ministry

“For years, I have wanted to start a nonprofit organization that focuses on children’s nutritional, medical and spiritual wellbeing. The Lord has refined and edified the plans of the nonprofit throughout the last few years, and I knew education would be a great backbone to have.”

In addition to this, her studies at Truett McConnell University will open doors to international ministry.

“Having an education degree will allow me to enter countries that don’t allow missionaries, and one day, hopefully start orphanages and schools in those countries.”

Letting the Spirit lead, even when it does not make sense, is not always easy. Worley felt this both spiritually and emotionally during her first year in the program. “Writing lesson plans day in and day out is draining when there isn’t a lot of passion or desire behind it. I had to remind myself that this is where the Lord had called me for the time being, and I had to give my all whether that was where I intended to be or not.”

“Over the last several years, I have realized that being called to ministry will change what it looks like from time to time,” shared Worley. “For me, I have always thought I was called to fulltime, international missions; however, that has changed over the past few years. Yes, I still have an undeniable love and passion for international missions, but as Christians we are all called to missions no matter what.”

“That should be our life day in and day out,” she stated. “We should be sharing the gospel in our everyday worlds.”

Even though the way she practices missions and ministry has changed, the call on her life has not. Worley is currently in the process of pursuing this call by applying for practicums and internships that will lead to her becoming a certified Child Life Specialist.

She sees herself working at a Children’s Hospital, saying that “loving, supporting, easing the nerves and sharing Jesus is the ministry the Lord has called me to for the time being.”


Katie Louise is a sophomore Early Childhood Education major and freelance writer for TMU.

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