In Honors Day ceremonies on Thursday, April 19, 2007, the following awards were presented:
Student Leadership Award                                                                 Chuck Johnson
Residence Life Meritorious Service Award                                      Justin Coalley
Intramural Leadership Award                                                            Scott Sienkiewicz
Recognition of Students Serving in Summer Missions
                   Meghan Lee                                   assigned to Montana
                   Dee Jay Faircloth                            assigned to California
                   Kelsey Smith                                  assigned to Spain
                   Stephanie Strong                            assigned to Czech Republic
Outstanding Baptist Collegiate Ministries Student Servant Award                      
                   Christina Wingo
                   Chuck Johnson
Pearl Nix Education Award                                                                  Sheena Barron
Amicae Scholarship Award                                                                   Kimberly Gordon
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Award                            Alecia Chambers
United Parcel Service Scholarship Award                                           Christy King
Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship Award                                 Melissa Johns
SunTrust Scholars Program Scholarship Award                                 Casey D. Tucker
Outstanding Achievement Awards in Academic Departments
                   Biology                                                Roberto Aguilera
                   Business                                              Tyler Ernest Cook
                   Chemistry                                            Roberto Aguilera
                   Christian Studies                                  Alecia Chambers
                   Education                                            Stephanie Cole
                   English                                                 Kelsey Smith
                   History/Political Science                       Kate Bushey and Casey Tucker
                   Music                                                  Shaun Hughes
                   Health and Physical Education              Christy King
                   Psychology                                          Erin Gonzalez
                   Sociology                                            Chrissy Wood
Academic Excellence by Female Student-Athlete                           Mary Elizabeth Brannon
Academic Excellence by Male Student-Athlete                               Philip Sanders
Recognition of Members of Phi Theta Kappa
                   Katherine S. Hughes
                   Jerry D. St. Pierre
                   Stephanie L. Cole
                   Kevin A. Nowak
                   Sheena H. Barron
                   Courtney N. Hewatt
                   Krystina M. Battiste
                   Desiree D. Bailey
Recognition of Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
                   Rebecca Freeman
                   Roberto Aguilera
                   Jerry St. Pierre
                   Jancy Steele
                   Courtney Cooper
                   Desiree Bailey
Recognition of Who’s Who Among Students in AmericanUniversities and Colleges
                   Charles Stephen Johnson, Jr.
                   Jimmy Joe Pritchett
Recognition of Scholars
                   Dean’s List for Three Consecutive Semesters
                             Christopher Allen Davidson
                             Adam Brett Carson
                             Eric Franklin Woods
                             Tyler Ernest Cook
                             Olivia Julia Starcke
                   President’s Club for Three Consecutive Semesters
                             Kate Elyse Bushey
                             Christy Nicole King
                             Casey Devin Tucker
                        Dean’s List or President’s Club for Three Consecutive Semesters
                             Zoie Ann Cole
                             Alecia Joyce Chambers
                             Shaun Patrick Hughes
                             Kelsey Elizabeth Smith
                             Roberto Aguilera
Vulcan Materials Award 2007                                                        Dr. Samuel Pelletier
Presidential Achievement Award 2007                                           Rob Gillentine
Award for Faculty Excellence 2007                                                Dr. Larry McDonald
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