Through the years, scholarships have been created to honor and memorialize champions of Truett McConnell University and others who have had a great influence on our school and community.

To continue to honor the legacy of those heroes of TMU, please consider donating to our named scholarships.

Funded Scholarships

Funded scholarships are those that are disbursed as donations come in allowing you, the donor, immediate knowledge that your donation is going to a student in need. To make a donation toward any one of these funded scholarships, visit the online donation form.

  • Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • Andrews Business Services In Memory of Chris Andrews
  • Carolyn W. Kelly Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Empower the Call
  • General Scholarship Fund
  • Jessie White Scholarship
  • Todd Starnes Funded Scholarship
  • Women of Biology Funded Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are those scholarships that provide a perpetual disbursement to students once they reach a $10,000 level of donations. Some of these scholarships allow for a portion of the annual income to be disbursed immediately to students with the other portion to increase the endowment. To make a donation toward any of the following endowed scholarships, please use this online donation form.

  • Brittany Reabold Scholarship
  • Catherine Logan Scholarship
  • Colby Tilley Scholarship
  • Don Stanley Scholarship
  • J.L. Nix Scholarship
  • J. Robert Lester Memorial Scholarship
  • Jon Duncan Music Scholarship
  • K. Barnes Scholarship
  • Rastus Salter Scholarship Fund
  • Ray Newman Lecture Series
  • Rev. & Mrs. E.B. Collins Endowed Scholarship
  • Robert & Betty Thompson General Fund Endowment
  • Ruth George Music Scholarship
  • Sami Ammari Scholarship
  • Walter Waldon Music Scholarship