The Pilgram Marpeck School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics offers students four academic and teaching labs, one research lab, and numerous support labs/rooms on the second floor of Miller Hall.  Students will also utilize the 200 acre forested campus and surrounding north Georgia mountains as an academic playground as they learn the beauty and magnificence of creation, science, and discovery.  Each lab and resource has a dedicated purpose to support a specific and unique aspect of the STEM curriculum offered at Truett McConnell University.

The Concepts in Biology Laboratory can be found in Miller 210.  This lab is dedicated to the lab curriculum associated with the General Education Core class Concepts in Biology (BI 101).

The General Biology Laboratory can be found in Miller 212. This lab is the primary laboratory for many major level biology courses.  This lab contains resources and equipment to perform a variety of different laboratory exercise including autoclaves, laboratory ovens/incubators, water baths, gel electrophoresis equipment, spectrophotometer, iWorx Teaching Assistant for physiology labs, phase-contrast LED microscopes with image and video capture, and fruit fly husbandry equipment.

The Chemistry Laboratory can be found in Miller 221.  This lab is the primary laboratory for the chemistry curriculum offered to biology, pre-health science, exercise science, and nursing majors.  This lab is equipped with digital balances, water baths, four vent hoods, and a large array of equipment dedicated to micro-scale study of organic compounds, acid-base chemistry, structural modeling, and stoichiometry.

The Physics and Physical Science Laboratory can be found in Miller 219.  This lab is the primary laboratory for the physics and physical science curriculums offered to biology, pre-health science, exercise science, and middle grades math and science education majors.  This lab is equipped a whole slate of Vernier hand held devices and probe sets to measure an array of physical, chemical, and mechanical variables.

The Cellular and Molecular Biology Research Center can be found in the Miller 213 suite and is comprised of four labs and support rooms.  This lab houses the Laboratory of Applied and Exercise Endocrinology (PI: Robert S. Bowen, PhD) and the Laboratory of Intestinal Microbiomics (PI: Andrew J. Fabich, PhD).  The main lab room is equipped with water baths, thermal cyclers, mircocentrifuges, centrifuges, mixing and stirring equipment, pH meters, and vertical/horizontal electrophoresis equipment.  The lab is supported by a supply room equipped with chemical storage, cold storage, water purification, wet and dry ice production, and autoclaves.  An instrumentation room with dark room capabilities is equipped with a Bio-Rad Experion automated electrophoresis device, a real-time PCR thermal cycler, a microplate reader, and a Bio-Rad ChemiDoc MP Imaging system.  A fifty cage small animal housing facility is equipped with animal husbandry equipment and resources and contains a small animal surgical and anesthesia suite.