The term “cost of attendance” can refer to two different total cost amounts.  The actual cost of attendance includes tuition, fees, room and board charges, that are charged to student accounts at TMU.  The federal Cost of Attendance Budget is the financial aid budgeted amount and awarding limit that is used in the financial aid process.  The federal Cost of Attendance Budget includes actual tuition, fees and room and board charges, as well as estimated expenses that the student and family may incur during the semester, such as books, transportation, and miscellaneous personal expenses.  The federal Cost of Attendance Budget is the budget that is used in the Student Financial Aid Portal Shopping Sheet and the Net Price Calculator.

Please do not confuse the Federal Cost of Attendance Budget amount with the actual TMU cost of attendance charges.  A student can be awarded up to their federal Cost of Attendance Budget, which is usually higher than the actual cost of attendance charges.  This allows students to be awarded additional financial aid, to cover the actual TMU Student Account charges, as well as any other educational/living expenses incurred, while enrolled at TMU.