The admission process requires an application to and acceptance from TMU prior to applying to the RSSON. Transfer students must meet the admission requirements of TMU and provide official transcripts from all previously attended institutions, including prior nursing education and other supporting documentation as requested.

Applicants who have attended another upper level nursing education program are required to indicate this attendance on the nursing application, and to submit a letter of eligibility from the dean or director of the previous nursing program. Failure to disclose this information may lead to dismissal, even after enrollment, from the TMU BSN program. Transfer students who have been dismissed from another nursing education program are ineligible for admission to the BSN program

Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.75. Applicants must have a C or better in all pre- requisite courses at the time of application, otherwise noted by the Dean of Nursing.

Applicants must pass the KAPLAN Test exam at or above the national level mean as a prerequisite for entry into the BSN program.

Specific health requirements are outlined by the RSSON that meet the stipulations of the clinical sites utilized in the BSN program.

The application guidelines for admission to the TMU RSSON are listed below, to include additional program information.

Admission Application Guidelines

A complete application packet consists of the following:

  1. Completed and signed application form
  2. $25 non-refundable application fee made payable to: Truett McConnell University.
  3. Biographical sketch

• Biographical sketch should be a personal account discussing significant events and influences which have affected your life with a maximum of two pages.

  1. Complete a one page typed paper which explains your answers to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a registered nurse?
    • Why did you choose the BSN program at Truett McConnell University?
  2. Notarized Release of Waiver
    • A Notarized Release of Waiver form will be used to request information from other collegesand universities you have attended, as well as health information for clinical clearances.
    • You may make copies of this form to keep for your records, however please submit theoriginal with your application packet.
  1. Submit copy of TMU acceptance letter
  2. Submit official KAPLAN score(s)
    • The KAPLAN Test is given at TMU before the Admission Packet deadline of January 31st (usually in the fall) for pre-nursing students requesting entrance into the BSN program. A KAPLAN Nursing Admission Test (KNAT) Information Form will be sent by email with the dates and times the Test will be administered. The Form must be completed and returned to the RSSON with the selected date and time. A KAPLAN Study Guide is encouraged and available in the RSSON or online.
    • In order to be considered for acceptance, you must score at or above the national BSN program mean. A maximum of two attempts is allowed during one academic year with a minimum of 30 days between attempts. A copy of your KAPLAN test must be on file or your packet will be considered incomplete.
  3. Submit two BSN Program References

• Applicants must submit two references from persons qualified to give pertinent information

about you. Please do not include a relative. The reference must be someone who has known you for more than one year. References must be received prior to the posted deadline.

Your completed application packet must be received in the RSSON office no later than January 31 of the application year. The RSSON is not responsible for delays with postal services. Late applications will not be accepted. Mailing address:

Truett McConnell University Rielin-Salmen School of Nursing 100 Alumni Drive,
Cleveland, GA 30528

An interview will be conducted with each student after the application has been reviewed and considered complete. You will be contacted with a date and time for your interview. Applicants are encouraged to wear appropriate attire for an interview. Any applicant who fails to appear at your scheduled time without prior notification will have their application considered invalid.

Acceptance Guidelines

After you have been admitted into the nursing program and have received your Letter of Acceptance into the RSSON, the following must be completed prior to the beginning of classes and clinical:

1. You will be required to upload the following documents to ACEMAPP starting in mid-July each year.

A) CPR: Certification in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation from the American Heart Association

(AHA) is required and must be taken before you begin your nursing courses. Basic Life Support (BLS), is the course you should take, which includes 1 and 2 person adult, child, and infant CPR with Automated External Defibrillator. You must submit an official AHA card. The card will say BLS Provider.

B) Submit a completed Entrance Health Examination Form with a current immunizations record (2 physical examinations will be required during the program at the beginning of each Fall Semester). The first physical examination should include the required immunizations and/or titers for the following: Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Varicella, Hepatitis B vaccine, DPT or DT, and Tuberculin test (PPD). Please note that there are two PPD’s required and must be two weeks apart. The examination should be completed using the forms found on ACEMAPP. The second physical examination is basic and must include the two PPD tests. The health form is included on the ACEMAPP website, in the acceptance packet, or on the TMU BSN website in the BSN Handbook. If for any reason, a student has to drop out of the program, a health examination has to be repeated before re-entrance into the program.
C) Driver’s license and proof of auto insurance. The RSSON must have a legible copy of each of the following on file provided to ACEMAPP prior to the beginning of nursing classes:

  • Copy of current valid driver’s license.
  • Proof of current auto insurance naming you as the insured driver and stating limits ofliability. These must be kept up to date as most auto insurance is renewable every six months and current information must be provided. Since it is not always possible to carpool to clinical sites, each student is required to have access to transportation.E) Proof of health insurance; your name must appear on the policy and validation must be submitted to ACEMAPP. The RSSON requires notification of any changes in your healthcare provider and the new proof of insurance which could be required by some clinical sites must be provided to ACEMAPP and the RSSON.
  1. Students must purchase malpractice/liability insurance paid annually and submitted to the RSSON Administrative Assistant, no later than May 10th of your admission year. Student malpractice Insurance is purchased through a Blanket Professional Liability Insurance, required by all clinical practice sites, and issued through Healthcare Providers Service Organization and Nurses Service Organization.
  2. Background Check and Drug Screen are required and must be completed by August 7th of the admission year on all applicants who have received their acceptance notification. Only applicants with a cleared background check will be admitted into the RSSON. This service is provided by InfoMart Advantage and information on how to register on the website will be given out at the New Class Orientation Meeting. The location of the clinic for lab work will be based on the zip code you enter into the system. The student will be notified if the background check is not favorable. The RSSON reserves the right to conduct random drug screens. If for some reason, a student has to drop out for a semester; the drug screen/background check has to be repeated before re-entrance into the program.
  3. Navy uniform scrubs and a white lab coat may be purchased through Meridy’s Uniforms at; Information will be given out at the New Class Orientation Meeting. A watch with a second hand and white leather nursing shoes (crocs, rockers, or clogs are not acceptable) are also required. Refer to the Student Uniform and Dress Code section of the Handbook.
  1. Students will be provided a list of textbooks that are required to be purchased prior to each semester.
  2. Each student will be required to purchase the following: Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff (adult), and Bandage scissors. If you have any questions, please call the School of Nursing.
  3. The RSSON provides the BSN student patches which will attach to the left sleeve of the lab coat.
  4. Students are required to obtain a name and picture identification card from StudentDevelopment. This identification card will be utilized as your badge at various clinical settings.
  5. The guaranteed KAPLAN Testing Kit will be officially ordered your first day of class. Cost of this Kit will be covered in your TMU tuition.

10. The TMU RSSON BSN Student Handbook will be provided on the first day of class and you will be required to read and become familiar with all the policies, regulations, and opportunities as specified in the Handbook. The Form entitled Understanding of Student Handbook will be signed and handed in the first day of class.

If you have any questions about any of the requirements, please contact the RSSON office.

The policy for TMU and the RSSON in the admission of students, hiring of employees, or the operation of any program or activity, is not to discriminate based on the applicant’s race, color, age, sex, handicap, national or ethnic group.

According to our clinical site agreements with the hospitals and other sites, a background check and drug screening is required prior to your first clinical experience and then annually thereafter. Failure of either the background check or drug screening will result in immediate dismissal from the nursing program.

Acceptance into the Rielin-Salmen School of Nursing does not guarantee licensure.

Disclaimer: According to our clinical site agreements with the hospitals and other sites, a background check and drug screening is required prior to your first clinical experience. Failure of either the background check or drug screening will result in immediate dismissal from the nursing program.