by: Jenny Gregory

CLEVELAND, Ga. – This month, over fifty students from Truett McConnell University (TMU) participated in a Leadership Development Class, part of Disney’s Youth Education Series (YES program), in Orlando, Florida.

This three-hour course provided students with a chance to learn Walt Disney World professionals’ approach to leadership and business.

Bryan Wisdom, First Year Experience Coordinator at TMU, said, “Through various hands-on activities and a brief backstage tour, students are given the opportunity to get a slight glimpse into life at Disney World.”

Maritess Melber, TMU junior and YES participant, shared, “One of my favorite parts was when we walked back stage where Disney’s cast members prepared and worked outside the park. We passed by offices, locker rooms, the changing room, and my favorite room – the costume design room.”

“What interested me most about this room,” Melber explained, “was the collaboration and communication of the designers and seamstresses. The leader of the [YES program] explained how the ladies there spoke different languages, yet were able to communicate and create these pieces of costume clothing, which help to capture Disney’s characters.”

“The course instructors challenged our students to think critically, observe small details that help make Disney successful, and determine how they can apply Disney’s techniques in their life,” said Wisdom. “Attendees also enjoyed the chance to bond together while exploring all four Disney theme parks and both water parks.”


Jenny Gregory is the Content Manager for Truett McConnell University.

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