by Vicky Kaniaru

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMCNews) — Six new faculty signed the Baptist Faith and Message (BFM) Aug. 23 during Truett-McConnell College’s first service of its Fall 2012 Chapel Series.

Quoting the charters of Harvard and The College of William and Mary, Vice President for Academic Services Brad Reynolds highlighted how the two institutions have strayed from their foundation of faith.

Signing the BFM assures that “Truett-McConnell College will stand on absolute truth,” Reynolds said.

TMC welcomed the following professors: Jody Brookshire, Mike Croley, Stacy Hall, Andy Peeks, Damien Westfield, and Sara Worley.

Emir Caner, TMC president, added that the BFM is reflected in TMC’s four pillars—love the Lord, love the Word, love the Church, and love the Lost.

“You can graduate from any good school and get a good degree,” Caner said. “But the problem is many people in this world will end up 40 years old, financially successful, and spiritually miserable.”

An assistant professor of physics, Brookshire said the BFM “shows our ability, as [God’s] creation, to put into written words what it truly means to be a Christian.”

“Signing this document is important because it is an outward display of not only commitment, but also of an understanding that this institution actively seeks God’s will and direction,” added Peeks, assistant professor of fine arts and music.

For Croley, TMC’s dedication to make disciples is what drew him to the college to serve as the head baseball coach: “To have an opportunity to not only coach baseball, but to just spend time with the students and help them mature in the Lord is the number one thing in my life,” he said.
As the head men’s soccer coach, Westfield said that “when the opportunity to join TMC became available,” his decision was easy because the school “aligned with my personal beliefs.”

Westfield added that signing the BF&M is “my way to make it known that I am part of God’s work here at TMC, promoting higher education excellence based on the Word of God.” Westfield is also an assistant professor of speech and communication.

Signing the BFM is “a public demonstration of my commitment to what I believe in,” added Hall, assistant professor of sports management.

For Worley, “Christ is important to stand up for,” she said, adding, “I’m honored that I have that opportunity to stand up for him anyway.” Worley serves as associate professor of education.


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