by Norm Miller

Meagan Taylor is a junior at Truett-McConnell College, majoring in world missions with a minor in music. A student-athlete, she also plays what she calls a “beautiful game” for TMC’s Lady Bears soccer team. Confessing Christ at age 10 during Vacation Bible School, Meagan is a member of Cadwell Baptist Church in Cadwell, Ga.
Recently interviewed, Megan shared her views on soccer, academics, discipleship, and a Christian worldview with TMCNews.

Q: How did you hear about TMC?
A: I heard about Truett-McConnell from a good friend, Ben Haywood, who graduated from TMC in 2012.‬‬

Q: Why did you enroll here?
A: I wanted a college where I would not only be educated and achieve a degree, but where I would be discipled and cared about by those around me. Also, TMC was one of the only colleges in Georgia with a missions program. The soccer team and music programs were icing on the cake.

Q: You mentioned soccer, a highly competitive, rough-n-tumble sport. How does one represent Jesus on the field and maintain one’s Christian character?
A: It is kind of difficult to think that God desires to see His children going full out into a tackle and drawing blood just to prevent a corner kick. It’s easier to think of it this way: He has called us to work with all of our hearts at whatever we do, “as working for the Lord, not for men” (Col. 3.23). Soccer provides a way we can magnify the Father by displaying the outstanding abilities He has given to us. Not only that, but it can also be used to reach the lost, showing them how the Gospel looks as it is lived out. This includes showing respect to referees, teammates, and opponents alike. Coach Mac always demands that we “play with class.” It also includes giving 100 percent effort every time you step on the field (Col. 3:23). Finally, it is always important to reflect all glory to God. He is the only reason we have the beautiful game and the ability to play it.‬‬

Q: About “Coach Mac” (David McDowell) – how would you describe his impact on your life?
A: Coach McDowell’s leadership and direction both on and off the soccer field are a huge part of my spiritual growth during the past three years. While he is an awesome soccer coach, Coach Mac has been more to me during my time at Truett-McConnell. As a freshman, I wasn’t very confident about my role on the team, and he saw potential in me that I didn’t see — potential as a player and as a leader on the team. He’s taught me so much about godly leadership and the value of team unity according to Scripture. He has always shown us respect as players; and I know that I or any of my teammates can go to him with anything and he will be there to support, talk, and pray with us. Coach Mac shows our team what it means to be a Christian athlete in things like team devotions, regular team prayers, and, most of all, in his own walk with the Lord. He always emphasizes the importance of our relationship with Jesus, even over soccer. You won’t find that in many other college athletic programs. Also, being a member of the women’s soccer team has truly changed the way I look at life. Though it takes hard work and sacrifice, playing on this team, this family, has been the highlight of my time at Truett-McConnell College.

Q: How would you evaluate your sojourn thus far at TMC?
A: It really blows my mind how much I have grown since my freshman year. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about teaching the Gospel cross-culturally, especially in classes such as Contextualization and Theology and Culture. My peers and professors have helped me grow so much closer to the Lord through their prayer, encouragement, and love.‬‬

‪‪Q: What do you want to do with your degree?
A: I want to follow the calling God has placed on my life to reach the nations of the world with the Gospel of Christ. Right now, I’m not sure where that is or what that looks like exactly, but I want to be faithful and diligent in preparing for His calling on my life.‬‬‬‬

Q: Why would you recommend TMC to anyone?
A: TMC is more than a college, it’s a family. The presence of God is palpable on campus. The faculty is dedicated to making sure that the Word of God is the foundation of everything that happens here. I love it!

Q: Who is your favorite professor and why?
A: My favorite professor is Dr. Brad Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds is one of the godliest men I have ever met. I had him for Theology II last semester and learned so much from his lectures. He truly lives out the Gospel, and I know I can go to him with anything and he will always be available to talk with me and pray for me. The students’ spiritual lives are so very important to him, and he has my utmost respect for that — not to mention he is the women’s soccer team’s number one fan and attends as many games as he can to support us.‬‬

Q: What has been your most significant spiritual lesson or experience at TMC, and why?
A: It’s hard to name just one experience, but one that stands out is our mission trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand, last year. The trip really opened my eyes to the massive influence the Buddhist faith has in Southeast Asia. As I spoke with Buddhists monks who were my age and younger, I was heartbroken to see how their whole lives were based on a false belief. God showed me the great value of truth on that trip, truth that can only be found in His Son, Jesus.‬‬

Q: Why do you love Jesus?
A: I love Jesus because without Him I am nothing. He gave me life when I was dead. Even while I was a sinner, He died in my place and gave me His place, a place of righteousness. He sees me as what I am, chooses to love me anyway, and gives me the ability to love Him back. What part of that doesn’t demand eternal love and worship?

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add to this interview?
A: Yes, I want to mention my parents, Colby and Denise Taylor. They are invaluable to me. They are my number-one support system, and I would not be the person I am today without their constant love, encouragement, and prayer. They have taught me what is truly important in life simply by the way they live theirs. They are my heroes.‬‬

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