by Katie Louise Leach

CLEVELAND, Ga. (TMNews) — For sophomore Morgan Harris, nursing and missions have always been a major part of life.

Born in North Carolina, the Nursing major and her family followed God’s call to different states throughout her childhood. “My dad’s a pastor, so we moved around a lot,” said Harris, recalling her life in South Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama, where she graduated high school.

A heart for medicine and missions

“I always knew I’d do something in the medical field,” admitted Harris, sharing her lifelong desire to help people and see them get better. “I’ve always had a heart for missions, too.”

When she was younger, she would play “nurse” with her father. “I had my little clipboard – I couldn’t actually write anything – but I would say, ‘Dad, you’re sick with this, this, and this…’” Harris said, laughing at the memory.

The desire in her heart to help others only continued to grow. “For a while after that,” she continued, “I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a surgeon, or a doctor, or that kind of thing.” Harris decided that she wanted something more personal. “The nurse gets that one-on-one care with the patient, and that’s what I want to do.”

God also called her to Himself at a young age. As a pastor’s daughter, Harris explained that she had always been in church.

“Even though I was five, I had an understanding that I needed Jesus.” After asking her parents endless questions, she accepted Christ as her Savior.

Making the move to Truett-McConnell

As she neared the end of her senior year of high school, it was time to make a decision. “My parents told me, ‘Look, there’s a chance we’re moving to Georgia,’” Harris explained, “They just wanted me to go where God wanted me.”

“Somehow, Truett-McConnell came up,” she continued. Harris decided to visit the campus and was impressed with the school’s emphasis on missions. Despite this, she was still unsure of what was best for her.

It wasn’t until she met the head volleyball coach and tried out for the team that her outlook started to change. “I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to play sports in college,” stated Harris.

However, the tryout went better than she was expecting. “I just kind of fell in love with the girls there,” she recalled, remarking on the kindness and encouragement the girls showed towards each other.

Not long after her tryout, the coach offered her a position on the team. “I was like, ‘Well, yeah!’” Harris exclaimed, and from there, the answers became clear. “This is where I’m supposed to be. This is home.”

God’s continued faithfulness

Since coming to Truett-McConnell, God has continued to lead Harris and remind her of His goodness. One way she’s reminded of this is through sports.

Instead of her confidence being in her athletic abilities, she revealed that she can trust in who He is and what He can do through her. “I’m working, performing and playing for an audience of One – it’s not about me.”

She also shared Isaiah 43:18, a verse that is centered around forgetting what is behind and focusing on what is ahead.

Harris explained that these words have impacted her life on and off the court. “God says, “Look, I’m about to do something new. Can you not see it?’”

Volleyball isn’t all that college life has offered for Harris. Along with being a part of leading worship in Truett-McConnell’s chapel services, she also works as a Christian Life Coordinator on campus.

“I love the community and family that we have here,” she said, adding that some of her favorite memories of her first year at Truett-McConnell were made with her friends. “We would stay up until twelve in the morning, just talking about Jesus and life.”

Trusting in God’s plans

God’s plans for this sophomore are only beginning to unfold. Harris stated that even though she doesn’t know where she’ll be after graduation, she’s confident in the Lord. “I may be overseas…I’ve been thinking about getting my Nurse Practitioner [license], so I may be in school for a few more years.”

None of these unknowns phase Harris. “I just know that God’s called me to a purpose of some kind of ministry, and something on the mission field,” she said. “However God sees fit to put that together, that’s going to happen.”


Katie Louise Leach is a freshman World Missions Major and freelance writer for TMC.

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